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False Petrol-Saving Myths

Trying to save fuel? You may have heard of some tips which supposedly help you in saving petrol, but they turn out to be mere myths. Let us debunk the myths for you below!

False Petrol-Saving Myths

1. The Smaller, The Cheaper

People will assume that smaller cars will have a much lower weight. Thus, lesser fuel consumption is required to accelerate the car due to its lower weight. However, with the advancement in technology, bigger cars are getting more and efficient. Toyota Prius c (Aqua in Japan) has proven its efficiency by reaching 35 km per litre, twice the amount of typical cars around (15 km per litre). It is not true that smaller cars have better fuel efficiency, and thus requiring less money spent.

Conclusion: The efficiency is not defined by its weight.

2. Idling will save some fuel

Starting the engine of your car always require huge energy consumption. At the same time, leaving it on will consume a substantial amount of fuel as well. The question is then when waiting in the car, which consumes less fuel and thus would be a better choice?

Worry no more, Carro’s expert researchers have found that most Singaporean cars would consume more fuel if it idles around for more than 1 minute. If you are waiting for Ah Boy or Ah Girl, do not let your car on idle, you will not only waste your fuel but also, you are contributing to more air pollution in Singapore… you want more June 2015 again??? I believe not.

Conclusion: waiting for 1 minute or more <  turn off the car

3. Windows down vs air conditioning

People who study physics would say that the opening of windows would cause a drag-pulling effect on the car which acts as a huge resistance. Simultaneously, the usage of air-con consumes a huge amount of energy. Hence, which is better? This one is not so straight forward.

According to The Society of Automobile Engineers, SUVs and Sedans are less efficient at speeds up to 110km/h. This supports the common belief of lowering the windows to save fuel (YEAY!!!). However, with the Singapore Heat, air-con is a necessity, isn’t it?

The conclusion? Drive like a man, windows down.

4. Manual = Extra Power + Less Fuel

You bought your new car! An automatic sedan! Suddenly your old man appears, with his trembling voice he said “Hey young pipsqueak, back in my days, manual transmission consumes lesser fuel. You will be able to control your car while not wasting fuel…” However, is it true that manual cars save gas? Not entirely.

With advancements in car transmission technology, automatic cars now are able to shift gears much more easily and smoothly. Only with long and wide experience in driving, will be able to save fuel with precise manual shifting. Moreover, with the traffic in Singapore, automatic would be better… no? You decide.

That’s 4 saving fuel myths that are commonly held by people everywhere in the world. Are you one of them? Now that you know tips which do not work, here are some that do.

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