Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to show your appreciation and love for those around you. If you have a friend or loved one who loves cars this can be a little tricky. So, we’ve come up with 10 gift ideas that are perfect for a motorhead! 

Before we start, a good tip to picking out gifts is to listen to what they frequently talk about. For example, if they keep complaining about how bad their stereo system is, you could consider getting them a Bluetooth speaker that fits into their cupholder. Also, do take note of how they spend their time and their other hobbies as these could open more doors to other gifts.

1. Handheld Vacuum

If your loved one is a clean freak or just loves his car, the handheld vacuum is a great gift. Kids dropped their potato chips in the car? With a vacuum, you can get to all the nooks and cranny between seats and suck up all the dust. Also, most of the handheld vacuums can be charged using the 12V sockets found in cars.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks

2. Car Stand with Wireless Charger

Show your appreciation and thought with this because it will change your loved one’s life forever. They don’t need to have a charging cable connected to their phone with wires dangling all over the car. And, whenever they put their phone on the stand, it charges! So, when they reach their destination, they would have more battery than before. Do give them a quick call to make sure that their phone is wireless charging compatible.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks

3. LEGO Car Models

LEGOs are a great gift for every occasion, especially Christmas. It’s when the kids are on holidays and for most of us, it’s when we have more time for them. Getting a LEGO Car Model is an excellent way to get your loved ones and their families together. It’s when the whole family is away from their devices, and working together to assemble a unique, cool car. And when it’s done, it can be showcased as a reminder to that time when it was assembled as a family.
There are many LEGO Car Models out there, so try and discreetly ask what kind of cars your dear motorhead likes and get something similar.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
4. Logitech Racing Wheel

Know someone who has a need for speed but doesn’t have a car? They’d definitely be grateful for this. Playing racing games with a keyboard and mouse or on the console isn’t as satisfying as playing with a steering wheel. If you want to splurge, consider getting the Playseat. A perfect combination to pair the steering wheel and a racing seat to be soaked into their favourite racing game
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
5. Sunglasses

Does your loved one frequently pull down the sunshade when they drive? Or do they squint their eyes when it is bright? Get them a nice pair of shades for Christmas and whenever it’s sunny, they have you to thank for saving their eyes.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
6. Dashcam

Having a dashcam is basically essential these days. It can be used a proof when dealing with your insurance or in police cases. Hence, it’s crucial to have a high quality and reliable dashcam. There are so many types of dashcams out there. Ask your loved one what they look for in a dashcam and their preferences on how big it is. Also, there are dashcams that act as a rearview mirror too, so get their opinion on that and gift accordingly.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks

7. Detailing Kit

If your loved one is more of a hands-on person, this could spark a new hobby. Auto detailing can be therapeutic, and it’s very rewarding. Moreover, you could be saving them lots of money from detailing workshops. Learning to detail is simple and there are lots of videos online to learn from.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
8. Scaled-Down Model of their Favourite Car

If you know your loved one’s dream car, you could buy the official scaled-down model of it to motivate them to work towards buying their dream car. These models are a nice showpiece to be put in the office or in the living room.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
9. Car Bluetooth Speaker

Have a friend who’s stereo is broken? Consider getting them a Bluetooth speaker! They are easy to connect to and fit right in the cupholder in cars. There are a wide variety of speakers available on the market, so you can choose one that fits your budget well.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks
10. Custom Car Floor Mats

Floor mats can really change the feeling of a car. Some are so comfortable that you want to take your shoes off. Others look so great that you feel like you’re in a luxury sedan. There are plenty of options to choose from when getting car mats. Do some research online to find out which retailers offer to save yourself a trip.
Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Geeks

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