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Honda HR-V vs Honda Vezel: What’s the Difference?

When you look at the Honda HR-V and Honda Vezel side by side, you’ll surely ask, “How are these cars different?”.

Well, in many ways, they are the same car. You get the same badge, same engine capacity and they’re the same size. But, there are a number of big differences between these 2 models too.

So before you buy a Honda HR-V or Honda Vezel, make sure you read this article (or watch this video) first!

Honda HR-V vs Honda Vezel: A Comparison…

1. Honda HR-V is More Expensive

Yup, that’s right! Even though these cars are pretty much identical, the HR-V is actually more expensive. This is due to the “added assurances” you’ll get when you buy a Honda HR-V.

What added assurances?

As the Honda HR-V is brought to you by the official Authorized Dealer in Singapore, and the Honda Vezel is a parallel imported car, you’ll get a ton of benefits and assurances that Parallel Importers simply can’t match.

This includes the AD’s official warranty that’s usually quite comprehensive. This warranty would allow you to access the authorized workshops where a car expert who has been trained by the manufacturers would be working on your car.

Furthermore, if parts need to be replaced, it’s almost a certainty that original parts will be used!

Also, cars from ADs tend to be of a higher quality as these are are ‘Honda’ experts doing the initial inspections when the car is imported over. So quality assurance is guaranteed.

2. Vezel is from Japan

Another key difference is that the Honda HR-V (before 2016) was made in Thailand, while the Honda Vezel was from Japan.

Is this a big deal? Not really. But for some drivers, this might be an integral part of the decision process as to where the car was manufactured might be an indicator of quality.

3. Different Head Units

While the HR-V gets the official Honda infotainment system, the head unit in the Vezel depends on the parallel importer. Some PIs might install fancier head units, while others include just the basic option.

4. Which Car has Fewer Airbags?

The Honda Vezel gets 8 airbags while the basic DX Honda HR-V variant getting only 2 airbags and the highest specced LX variant gets 6 airbags.

5. You’ll Find a Smaller Boot in the…

With about 17 litres less space, the HR-V has a marginally smaller boot compared to the Vezel. This largely due to the spare tyre that you’ll get in the HR-V!

6. Engine and Suspension Setup

Both the HR-V and Vezel are equipped with the same engine, but with slightly different transmission and suspension setups.

The HR-V comes with the newer Earth Dreams CVT technology that’s supposed to make the drive more comfortable and offers more acceleration compared to the older CVT transmission setup used in the Vezel. 

So, the HR-V isn’t some ‘inferior and pricier Vezel’ as some may claim. At the same time, there’s no definite answer as to which car is better because it really depends on the driver. Every driver has their own needs and understanding of what makes a good car.

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