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How To Clean Your Car and Get Rid of Pet Fur Easily

Having a pet is great and having them as your co-driver is a fantastic experience. However, some pets have the tendency of scratching on your seats, or worse, chew on it. While you can train your furry friend to restrain from chewing on the headrest, you can’t teach them to stop leaving fur all over the interior of your car. But you can easily and effectively clean your car of their fur just by following these simple tips.

1. Wet Hands

Wet hands to remove pet fur

It doesn’t matter what breed or size it is, every furry pet, like your dog or cat, leaves fur on the car’s interior and you will have to clean after them. The easiest way is to wet your hands with water and wipe the seats with your hands. Make sure that your hands are not dripping with water, they should just be a little damp. By doing so, the fur should stick to them. Repeat the process until you have cleaned the desired surface. If you do not want to use your hands, you can try with a cloth but the results could be slightly less effective.

2. Duct Tape

Duct tape to remove pet fur

A common way of cleaning the dog fur from your interior is by using duct tape or similar products. You simply take the tape with the sticky part out and tap around your interior to pick up fur from your seats. It is very effective and you can clean the whole car in a short time.

3. Broom or Brush

There are numerous products, brooms or brushes on the market that are designed especially for this purpose. You can use any of them and have it kept in your car just in case you need to clean the interior on the spot. Of course, do not forget to clean the broom or brush after using it!

4. Static Electricity

Wear Gloves for Static Electricity

This is an interesting and clever way of cleaning up the fur and it combines a little physics and a pair of rubber gloves. Have you noticed how plastic gets full of static electricity after rubbing against cloth and paper, and hair gets stuck to it? Well, the same principle can be applied in this scenario, with a pair of ordinary latex rubber gloves! When you wear gloves and rub your hands together, it will produce static electricity. So when you place your hands on areas that need cleaning, fur will simply stick itself to the gloves. After you’re done, take the gloves off and dispose it into a bin. Isn’t that simple and effective?

5. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum clean away the pet fur

If you have the time and resources, you can clean your interior with a vacuum cleaner. This way you will clean not only the dog’s fur but a lot of other particles. However, we recommend that you combine vacuum cleaning with some other ways of cleaning listed above. Sometimes, really stubborn hair can stick between the threads or stick to the floor of the car, so vacuuming is not enough. But if you do a thorough job with the vacuum cleaner and continue some other way, your interior should look as new.

Do you have your own tips? Share them with us below!

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