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5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

Proper tyre maintenance can improve energy efficiency and fuel economy. If you do it right, you can end up saving a lot of money. But beyond that, taking care of your tyres ensures the utmost handling and traction. Proper tyre maintenance ensures that you’re staying safe on the road. So here are 5 tips to maintain your tyres.

1. Maintain proper inflation pressure in your tyres

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

Proper inflation pressure is necessary in giving you the best tyre performance, safety, and fuel economy. Remember to check your tyres (when they are cool) with an accurate tyre pressure gauge at least once a month. 

To keep your tyres at the recommended inflation pressure, you can check your vehicle’s owner manual. By keeping this inflation pressure, your tyres will last longer and be more durable. Under inflation can cause irreparable tyre damage and result in severe cracking and subsequent air loss. On the other hand, over inflation increases stiffness that may cause an uncomfortable driving experience and generate unwanted vehicle vibration. It also increases the chances of impact damage. 

So keeping the recommended inflation pressure and checking up on it once a month will help your tyres last longer. 

2. Rotate your tyres 

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

Rotating your tyres is the best way to have equal wear across all tyres, which thus extends their service life. The rotation of tyres depends on what type of vehicle you have, but wheel rotation is generally recommended every 10,000km. 

3. Check your tyres for wear

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

You should be checking if your tyres have reached 1.6mm in tread depth. If they have, you should change your tyres. Essentially, when you get a new tyre, there will be smooth banks that indicate the tyre hasn’t been used yet. However, once the grooves wear to 1.6mm level, you should change them for your safety. 

Excessively worn tyres tend to suffer more punctures. They’re also more likely to have accidents in wet weather. In Singapore where it often rains, you want to be sure that your tyres won’t have any traction problems when wet. 

4. Check your tyres for damage

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

At least once a month, inspect your tyres for any damage, as well as their general condition. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can always go to a car workshop to get them inspected. You’ll be looking for anything out of the ordinary. This includes any cracks, knots, bulges, air loss, or penetrations. If you notice any of these, your tyres will likely require a tyre removal and expert inspection. 

5. Wheel alignment and balancing

5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

Being aware of your car’s wheel alignment and balancing is important to tyre maintenance. Your wheel alignment can affect the tread on your tyres and how they wear and tear. 

If your car is pulling to one side or suffering from uneven tyre wear, getting your wheels aligned can fix these issues. If you’re experiencing steering vibrations, that can also be due to an unbalanced tyre. It’s recommended to balance your tyres every 10,000km. This will ensure your tyres don’t wear as easily.

These are some tips to make sure that your tyres are in the best working condition possible. But, if your car is getting older, and all these fix ups and maintenance tips aren’t working, it may be time to say goodbye. 

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5 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help Them Last Longer

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