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Free Multi-Purpose Car Tricks To Cool You Down


Ants bite butt when its Hot
Ants bite butt when its Hot

Say goodbye to the feeling of red fiery ants biting your bum whenever you enter your car on a scorching day. In this article, we share 4 FREE (using only common household items) and quick nifty tricks that will not only quickly cool you down in sunny (hot) Singapore, but also serve other cool functions????


1. Damp Cloth On Dashboard = Cool Down Car Faster + Natural Facial

damp cloth on dashboard
damp cloth on dashboard
Free facial with damp cloth
Free facial with damp cloth

When you enter your car on a sweltering day, try placing a damp cloth on dashboard. This will help your aircon cool your car down faster. If the weather is hot enough, the warm air and water vapour may also open your pores and moisturize your skin. After the car has cooled down, you can even end off by patting down your face with the cool cloth to close your pores.

Ahhh… Free and all natural facial treatment FTW!

2. Wet Tissue On Aircon Vent= Cooler Air + Cleaner Interior

Wet tissue on aircon vent
Wet tissue on aircon vent

Drape tissue papers on the middle aircon vent. This will cause the air that blows through to be much cooler. The tissues will dry up quite quickly, so you can replace them and use the used tissue to clean the interior of your car (you will be surprised how much dirt slightly damp tissues can pick up) – you could remove the dust from your aircon vent to improve the cold air flow. Alternatively, you can leave the tissue on the aircon vent, and use the mist spray (from trick #3) to wet them again.

3. Frozen Water Bottle = Cooling Pad + Hydrating Slushy Drink

Frozen water bottle
Hydrate yourself with icy cold water
Hydrate yourself with icy cold water

To cool yourself down quickly, you could prepare a frozen water bottle. You may be thinking “Ain’t nobody got the whole day to wait for the water to freeze!”. Well, that’s what we thought too, until we found out about this ‘magic’ trick that accelerates the rate your water freezes!

All you have to do is wrap a couple of soaked (but not dripping) paper towels around a water bottle filled with water (or any drink of your choice), and place it in the freezer. The liquid should ‘magically’ freeze within a few hours. Next, take the frozen bottle with you into the car. You can place it behind your neck/ on your lap (or anywhere you want to cool down) during your journey. When the ice starts melting, you can start rehydrating yourself with the icy chilly drink. Tip: Shake it well to create a delicious slushy texture.

Ah! Icy cold water always tastes best when it’s scorching hot!

4. Mist Spray bottle = Cool Down Car Surfaces + Cool Yourself

Mist Spray

When the weather is extremely hot, car surfaces such as steering wheels, seat belts and gear sticks can become unbearable to touch. A quick fix to this would be to leave a mist spray bottle filled with water in your car and spray these surfaces when you face this issue. It’s especially effective in cooling down metal and plastic surfaces.

And yes, it works on yourself too (Don’t worry, we know you aren’t made of metal or plastic)! You can spray water on any part of your body you will like to cool down.

Tip: Spraying enough water on your scalp will help reduce the temperature of your body.

Cool Conclusion

We hope you’ll keep cool with these cool car hacks! If you enjoyed this, remember to subscribe to receive exclusive car tips and news! Watch the very entertaining, humorous video on these cool tricks here!

If you enjoyed this, remember to subscribe to receive exclusive car tips and news!

Other interesting articles include 8 common but unconventional items you can use to keep your car clean  and other tips on how to keep your car cool on a hot day. Do you know other car tricks that help you keep cool?  Other sunny island dwellers would definitely appreciate you sharing them in the comment sections below! 

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