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Types of Car Number Plates in Singapore

Besides knowing the basics about where are the hidden speed cameras in Singapore or various speed limits, another aspect that every driver in Singapore should know about is car number plates.

Private Car License Plates

License plates for private cars in Singapore all begin with S, and with the growing number of vehicles, has expanded to range from ‘SA’ to ‘SY’. Along with the use of ‘S’ car plates, private car plates have begun using the letter ‘E’, running all the way to ‘EZ’, which has been implemented until now and is still currently being used.

Taxi License Plates

Even though private cars in Singapore all have number plates begin with ‘S’, there is a certain number plate which can only be used by taxis, which is ‘SH’.

Other unique car number plates that are being used include:

SBS: Buses operated by SBS Transit

SMB: Buses operated by SMRT buses.

SEP: aka Singapore Elected President, it is the official state car for the nation. You probably won’t get to drive anywhere near him, security officers are usually driving in front of behind the car.

SJ: Cars for Judges from the Supreme Court. SJ1 is used by the Chief of Justice, Sundaresh Menon.

SPF: Car for the Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force.

LTA: Bikes operated by the Enforcement Department of the Land Transport Authority

MID: Vehicles operated by the Singapore Armed Forces.

MP: Vehicles operated by the Military Police Command from the Singapore Armed Forces

PA, PB, PC, PH, PZ: These were used to separate private buses, private hire vehicles and so on, but later on all private hire vehicles were issued with PA plates

PU: Vehicles that are tax exempted and used exclusively on the island of Pulau Ubin

QX: Vehicles operated by emergency and law enforcement agencies, such as the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force

RD: For cars used in Research and Development projects, such as fuel cell and electric cars

RU: For Restricted Use vehicles that are exempted from road tax. These vehicles are only allowed within certain areas, such as motorised trams that are used to ferry visitors at the zoo

S, ending with CD: Vehicles used by foreign diplomats

TP: Bikes operated by the Traffic Police Department of the Singapore Police Force

Now that you know what all these car plates mean, be careful who you mess with on the roads!

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