A Quick Guide to Car Battery Replacement

It’s highly unlikely for the average driver to know when it’s time for a car battery replacement. And that’s no fault of yours. The battery is often an unpredictable component in your car, but it’s also the most important.

Without a working battery, your car won’t start. It’s as simple as that. That’s how important the battery is to your car. This is also why you should take good care of it and do what you can to prolong its lifespan.

If you’re facing some electrical issues in your car, then that’s an excellent indicator that your car battery might be faulty. To be 100% certain that your car battery is the source of the issue, you should learn these 4 ways to check your car battery! Either way, it’s good practice for you to periodically check your car battery to see if it’s still working in tip-top condition.

While the easiest indicator that it’s time for a car battery replacement is through your car’s electrical components, there are other signs.

Signs of a Faulty Battery

battery corrosion results in a need for car battery replacement


A good indicator that it’s time to replace your car battery is corrosion. If you find that the area around the battery terminal is corroded, then it’s time for a car battery replacement. While the corrosion can be easily cleaned, the solution is temporary.

You should send your car to a workshop and get it replaced to avoid the unnecessary hassle of a dead car battery.

Warning Lights

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

car battery replacement warning light

A warning sign will appear on our dashboard when the battery is running low or if it’s faulty. It’s the best indication that lets you know it’s time for a car battery replacement.

Slow engine start

When you start your engine and it takes a little while to crank up, that’s a sign of a failing battery. This is usually caused by a weak spark from the battery which extends the ignition time.

If your engine doesn’t start, then you’ll need to replace your car battery. If you face this issue, you should call a tow truck or jumpstart your car before heading to a workshop.

Functions have reset

If you start your car and notice that some of the customizable applications or features have reset, there’s a good chance that the car battery is not functioning optimally. Some of the features and applications that might be affected are your radio, dashcam and even the clock.

Battery Life

Typically, a car battery has a lifespan of 3 years. When it gets closer to the 3-year mark, the likelihood of you facing a battery-related issue is higher. To be safe, it’s recommended for you to get a car battery replacement at least 3 to 6 months before you hit the 3-year mark.

Where to go for car battery replacement?

Mechanic doing a car battery replacement

Almost any workshop in Singapore would be able to help you with your car battery replacement. It’s a common fix and you just need to find a workshop that carries the same type of battery that fits your car.

The battery itself typically costs anywhere between $90 to $300. It varies depending on the battery’s model, capacity, brand and most importantly, your car model. Battery replacements usually come with a warranty too!

Getting your battery replaced at a workshop also means you’d have to pay for the installation. This usually costs about $20 to $50.

In many cases, you’ll discover that there’s an issue with your battery when you send your car for servicing. During the servicing, your mechanic will definitely check the health of your car battery. If he discovers an issue, you can conveniently get it replaced there too.

It’s always good practice to ask the mechanic how healthy your battery is during this service. This ensures that you’re not driving a ticking timebomb that can breakdown at any moment. Plus, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your mechanic did not overlook checking your battery!

In the unlucky situation where your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere and jumpstarting your car is not an option, there are even mobile car battery replacement services available. But of course, you’ll be paying a premium for the convenience!

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