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Volkswagen’s Test Drive Print Ad Getting More Eyeballs

Automotive marketing is a big and everchanging industry. Since the dawn of the automobile age, car companies have constantly been trying to introduce new and revolutionary ways of presenting their product to the customers and distinguish themselves from the competitors. Over the years, improvements in communication, technologies and multimedia have helped car marketing to achieve new forms and to be very present in everyday lives of the global population. Sometimes, innovative marketing experts fail to present memorable ads but sometimes, they make a really genius move and reinvent the whole industry. That is exactly what Volkswagen of Norway did with their fantastic magazine advertisement.

Source: volkswagen_winter.jpg
Source: volkswagen_winter.jpg

How to describe a complicated thing through a simple ad?

We all know that the cars have become very complicated and advanced with numerous electronic components and systems. Most car owners don`t understand even the basics and trying to explain it to them through simple magazine ads would be useless and even counterproductive. Volkswagen`s marketing team knows that magazine ads should be catchy, simple and fun, and that is the only way the reader will stop and read the text, getting interested in the product. So, how to describe an advanced system and all its features through just one simple printed ad? Simply, by combining new and old technology.

The old meets the new

The printed ad is a classic type of marketing which has not been changed for centuries and Volkswagen knows that if they only do that, not a lot of people will take notice. But it they connect it with the latest forms of marketing, such as smart phones, they could make people involved with the campaign and interested in the product. So, they made a phone app which is free to download and easy to use. It is a simple but genius iPhone app which is developed by a company called Mobiento. Once you downloaded the app to your device, you simply chose what feature of the new Volkswagen you want to explore and move the phone over the magazine advertisement. On the screen of your phone, you will see the car moving and showing you the exactly what different systems do and how will they improve your driving experience, and all that in matter of seconds.

Source: 4417eff86d162836379ed88d981719f2.jpg
Source: 4417eff86d162836379ed88d981719f2.jpg

The impact of this ad

Of course, moving your phone over a magazine ad will not be a substitute for a real test drive or explanation of the expert. However, it will show you what are the advantages of buying Volkswagen cars equipped with those systems. But, this ad had bigger impact on car marketing in general since it introduced a totally new way of advertising which can start a small revolution in this field. Combining old ways of promoting new technologies is opening a lot of doors and presenting a whole another level of reaching to the customers. Car advertising shouldn’t be restricted to printed ads, billboards or TV commercials only. It can be much more involving, dynamic, interesting and fun, and that will really make a mark on the customers and help sell the cars.

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