Trump-Kim Summit: Guide to Road Blocks & Screenings in Singapore

As we all know, the Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un is scheduled to take place on the 10th of June to 14 June 2018. With the significance of the Summit and prominence of the parties and issues involved, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has declared the event as an Enhanced Security Special Event under the Public Order Act.

As such, SPF has designated areas surrounding certain spots as Enhanced Security Special Event Areas. Strict security measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and security of members of the public. Additionally, people and vehicles going through these areas will be subject to checks and screenings.

While it might not seem like much, the affected areas will see an increased number of roadblocks and random screenings for people and vehicles in the vicinity.

To help you plan your commute during this period and avoid any unnecessary road congestions, we’ve come up with a guide to all the affected areas.

Around Sentosa Island

Special Event Area During Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore

The Special Event Area is outlined in black and surrounds Sentosa Island.

  1. Waterbody extending from the southwestern shoreline of Sentosa Island
  2. Shoreline of Sentosa
  3. Waterbody extending 200m to the west of Sentosa Gateway, along Sentosa Gateway
  4. Shoreline of mainland
  5. Harbourfront Pl
  6. Harbourfront Ave
  7. Telok Blangah Rd (encompassing the Seah Im Carpark, Seah Im Food Centre, Marang road Carpark)
  8. Marang Road
  9. West Coast Highway
  10. Sentosa Gateway
  11. Shoreline of mainland
  12. Waterbody extending 200m to the east of Sentosa Gateway, along Sentosa Gateway
  13. The shoreline of Pulau Brani
  14. Waterbody extending 200m to the east of Sentosa Gateway, along Sentosa Gateway
  15. The shoreline of Sentosa Island

Bolded in black are the roads and/or highways affected and cordoned off as a Special Event Area.

Around Orchard Road

Special Event Area During Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore

The roads designated as Special Event Area around Orchard Road are as follows:

  1. Grange Rd
  2. Chatsworth Rd
  3. Chatsworth Ave
  4. Tanglin Rd
  5. Ridley Pk
  6. Loewen Rd
  7. Harding Rd
  8. Minden Rd
  9. Cluny Rd
  10. Evans Rd
  11. Bukit Timah Rd
  12. Scotts Rd
  13. Paterson Rd
  14. Paterson Hill

Security Restrictions

  1. Any noxious or offensive substance.
  2. A marine flare and signal, landing flare, highway fuse, smoke generator, distress signal or other pyrotechnic device intended for signaling, warning, rescue or similar purposes.
  3. Any petroleum or flammable material within the meaning of the Fire Safety (Petroleum and Flammable Materials) Regulations (Cap. 109A, Rg 7).
  4. An explosive within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act (Cap. 13).
  5. Any arms within the meaning of the Arms and Explosives Act.
  6. An item capable of attaching a person to an object or another person, or preventing removal of any locking or connecting device.
  7. An aerosol paint container or other implement or substance that is capable of being used to mark graffiti.
  8. A loud hailer.
  9. Any flag or banner which is larger than one metre by one metre, or has a handle longer than one metre.
  10. Any public address system, electronic equipment, broadcast equipment or similar device which may interfere with broadcast equipment or similar devices being used by —
    1. the event organizer of the Summit between US and DPRK at or for the special event; or
    2. a person, authorised by the event organiser or under the Act, to use such equipment or devices.
  11. A remotely piloted aircraft system for a remotely piloted aircraft, comprising —
    1. the remotely piloted aircraft;
    2. every remote pilot station associated with the remotely piloted aircraft containing the equipment used to pilot that aircraft;
    3. the command and control links between the remotely piloted aircraft and its remote pilot station or stations and other commands; and
    4. any other components, as specified in the type design of the remotely piloted aircraft system, to fly that aircraft.

We have bolded points that are different and might not expect.

Stay Safe

While we suggest staying away from these areas, we know that sometimes you won’t be able to help it. Especially if your office is part of these areas.

As congestion is expected due to the enhanced security, remember to leave for work earlier, consider taking the public transport or maybe even call in a 3-day MC?

Stay safe everyone!

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