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Lucky Car Brands Based on Your Zodiac | Chinese New Year 2021

Feng Shui is an important part of Chinese culture and many Singaporeans follow this practice to guide some of the biggest decisions in their lives. From choosing the colours of their walls at home to even deciding which HDB unit to get, this practice is said to help in enhancing the flow of positive chi in your life and usher in good luck and fortune. 

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are also many drivers out there who follow Feng Shui to help them choose which car brand to go for, the colour of their car and even car plate numbers!

If you are someone who lets Feng Shui influence your decisions, or if you’re just interested to know which car brand to go for, we’re here to provide all the answers to you. Here are the recommended car brands you should be driving based on your zodiac sign! 

These recommendations are from an expert Feng Shui master, so do follow these tips if you want to welcome more prosperity and luck in the lunar new year.

Before you find out what your lucky car brands are, watch CARRO’s Super Huat Guide and learn each Zodiac’s lucky colours, numbers and items that will help you usher in more luck and prosperity in the Lunar New Year!

Ox, Tiger and Rabbit

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People born in the year of the Ox are said to have a diligent, dependable, strong, and determined personality. The Tiger zodiac is known to be quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and kind. Those born in the year of the Rabbit known to follow the quiet, elegant, kind and responsible traits. While these personality traits are unique for each of these zodiac signs, the recommended car brands are the same for these three.

So if you want to maximise your huat in the lunar new year, the car brands that are recommended for you are the Fiat, Ford and Porsche. And just so happens, we’ve got a pre-owned Porsche Macan S up for sale on CARRO right now. Schedule a viewing with us and purchase this stunner to usher in more luck and prosperity in the new year!


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For the confident, intelligent and enthusiastic Dragon, your recommended car brands that will help you usher in more prosperity this year are the classy continental brands like Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, and reliable Asian manufacturers; Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota.

Snake & Horse

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If you are born in the year of the enigmatic, intelligent and wise Snake, or the animated, active and energetic Horse, then you should choose to drive a Honda, Hyundai, Audi or Rolls Royce. In doing so, you’ll be maximizing the flow of positive chi in your life.


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For the calm, gentle and sympathetic Sheep, you should choose these car brands: Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota. It’s a good mix of high-end continental brand and value-for-money Asian makes!

Monkey & Rooster

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For drivers born in the year of the Monkey and Rooster, you will have a wide selection to choose from. However, these options are mostly higher-end and pricier brands like Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Land Rover and Lexus, except for Kia! Choosing one of these brands for your car this year will prove to be lucky and Ox-picious!


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Similar to the Dragon and Sheep zodiac, the prudent and honest Dog’s recommended car brands are Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota.

Boar & Rat

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The Boar and Rat zodiac will also have a huge selection to choose from. And unlike the Monkey and Rooster, it’s an even spread of cars you are recommended to get! For the compassionate, generous and diligent Boar, and the quick-witted, resourceful, versatile and kind Rat, you can choose from the more affordable brands like Chevrolet, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Volkswagen, or brands higher up the scale like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Maserati and Chrysler.

Looking to purchase one of these car brands that’s been recommended based on your Zodiac sign? Check out CARRO’s wide selection of high-quality secondhand cars today! Enjoy full assurance with CARRO’s 30-day wear and tear guarantee and a special 3-day return policy for peace of mind. Experience a delightful car buying journey at the better place to buy cars now.

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