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Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

Technology in cars has evolved much over the past 15-20 years. From the inclusion of charging ports to touchscreen infotainment systems. We felt like this moment is a perfect time to stop and reflect at the best technology features that have been implemented in cars.

1. Remote Start

Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

Hate it when you park in an open-air car park and it’s really sunny outside? You had to either blast the air-con or open the windows and bear with the heat until it cools down a little. Well, if this is a common occurrence for you, you’d be thankful for remote start technology.

Remote start technology allows you to start your vehicle using your phone, wherever you are and control some basic functions. About to end a meeting? Flip out your phone and easily turn on the AC so that by the time you’re in the car, it’s nice and cool.

2.  Blindspot Monitoring

Blindspot monitoring refers to the extra lights on the side mirrors that light up when there is a vehicle in your blind spot. This makes changing lanes slightly easier because you don’t need to turn your head over your shoulder. It’s a great piece of safety tech that older folks are grateful for.

Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

3. Heads Up Display

As a driver, you’d want to be keeping your eyes on the road as much as possible. Even glancing at the speedometer or the infotainment screen for directions can distract you enough to cause an accident. That’s why auto manufacturers have implemented Heads Up Displays on cars so you don’t need to look away from the road.

The HUD positions can be adjusted so it can be seen without being too much of a distraction. Also, some HUDs are able to project directions if your navigation is active, so your eyes will never have to look away from the road.Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

4. Driver Profiles

Share your car often? Then, you’d want this feature in your car.

Gone are the days where you had to manually adjust the seats after your family members had used the car. Although memory seats are a common feature amongst mid-range to luxury cars, only some automakers have devised an upgrade from memory seats.

Driver profile enables you to save not only your preferred seating position but a whole slew of settings. From lighting settings, dashboard information, sound settings to climate control settings. Even your side mirrors and steering wheel position will be saved to the profile.

So, if you’re someone who shares your car often, keep a lookout for cars with this feature.

5. Digital Dashboard Screen

Traditionally, the dashboard area made use of mechanical dials for the speedometer and odometer, as well as your fuel tank indicator.

Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

However, in recent times, auto manufacturers have experimented with a small screen in the middle of the dashboard. This screen, controlled by buttons on the steering wheel could tell you even more information than a traditional dashboard like navigation information and even tyre pressure.

Now, some automakers have gone further to strip away mechanical dials and opt for a fully digital dashboard. With this, they are able to display maps, directions, and a whole lot more. Plus, digital dashboards are customisable, which is great for those who are a little more particular.

6. Wireless Charging

Although the thought of implementing a wireless charger in a car sounds simple, it solves a variety of problems.

Top Car Tech Features You Must Have in 2021

Firstly, you don’t need to have cables anymore. Giving a ride to a friend and his battery is low? Just use the wireless charger. Simple. No more ‘I don’t have an Apple charger because I use Apple’ situations.

Next, it dedicated a place for your phone. In cars that don’t have wireless charging, there isn’t really a dedicated spot for your phone. You’d plop it in an empty cupholder. Or put it in your pocket while driving which can be pretty uncomfortable.

An added benefit of having a wireless charger is that your phone is always charged whenever you leave your car. You’ll always leave with more battery than you started with. No complaints to that!

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