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Sports Car Club (Singapore): Where Passion Unites

You are walking down the street, minding your own business. Suddenly, you hear the roar of a car engine. Your eyes catch a striking Lamborghini whizzing through the road next to you. And then a McLaren. Followed by a Ferrari. You cannot believe your eyes as the line of sports cars get longer and longer. Have you ever experienced such a scenario? Well, chances are, these cars belong to the Sports Car Club (Singapore) (SCCS). That scene indeed happened on Saturday (15 July 2017), as the club had their charity drive for Miles for Smiles. During that event, Carro had an opportunity to interview Rose, the president of SCCS, and Alvin, the vice-president.


Then and now

Sports Car Club (Singapore): Where Passion Unites
Alvin, the vice president of SCCS

The club was established in 2011 under the Singapore Registry of Societies. “At the end of the day, I just like to bring sports car lovers together,” noted Rose. The love for sports cars motivated her to start the club, and that same reason led to its growth and success. Indeed, one thing common among all the members, and what unites them, is their passion for those swift drifts. Other than that, they are actually quite diverse, including “from very young drivers to very old drivers, from very simple two-door cars to high end luxury cars,” as Rose remarked.

It had not always been that diverse, though. Alvin recounted how the club started off as “SG Topless”, exclusively for convertibles. However, as more coupes came in, they thought that they should open up for more types of cars and hence call it Sports Car Club.

Brought together by their mutual interest, the club has grown to have 300 or so like-minded SCCS members. They often come together and interact with one another, be it exchanging ideas or sharing about the cars’ marvelous features. As Alvin put it, they are all “one big family”. Interestingly, the younger ones who came in with smaller sports cars would see the older members and be motivated and inspired to advance their ride to an even better car. “Being in the club, they get to know more about how to reach there,” added Rose.


The alpha female

Sports Car Club (Singapore): Where Passion Unites
Rose, the president of SCCS

The automotive world has always been regarded as a man’s world, even in today’s day and age. In fact, about 95% of SCCS members are guys. So how does Rose, as a woman, stand her ground to lead in such a male-dominated club? When asked that question, she answered firmly, “I believe it’s really up to how I present myself in the club. I’ve been very straightforward with them. If you can accept how I lead, you join my club and follow how I lead. Otherwise, you just have to get out of it.” This does not mean that it is all bed of roses (no pun intended). There are definitely issues when the members do not listen to her, but Rose managed to handle any challenges and put her feet down.


The rosy outlook

Sports Car Club (Singapore): Where Passion Unites
Cars of the members of SCCS

The future looks bright for SCCS. Under Rose and Alvin’s leadership, and with the rising interest in sports cars, the club is set to expand even more with numerous opportunities along the way. They are already gaining international attention, with car clubs from all over the world contacting them and asking regarding car meet ups or whether the club can show them around the city. Their drives to Malaysia also allow them to interact with some of the sports car or supercar clubs in the neighbouring country.

So, what’s next for the club? Looks like we just have to wait and see, but it is sure to be an exciting one!

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