Potential road dangers and ways to prevent car accidents

Once you start your engine and hit the road, potential road dangers can occur if you’re not too careful. Not all drivers are careful and accidents can happen at any time.

According to a survey conducted by AXA Insurance in Singapore, a whopping 60% of motorists feel that driving in Singapore is dangerous. Within that number itself, most respondents have stated that the growing increase of ‘aggressive’ drivers is the main reasons. Going through an amber light, speeding and failing to signal have been ranked one of the top dangers that are frequent. Shockingly as well, 40% of Singaporeans admit to using their mobile phones without a hands-free kit while driving.

Other dangerous behaviours on the roads in Singapore include drunk driving and tailgating as well. For those who have admitted to tailgating, 70% have blamed the vehicles in front of them for being ‘too slow’, causing the scenario to look like a tailgating situation. Whereas for failing to signal when overtaking or switching lanes, their reason was that they had ‘forgotten’ to do so.

This is how accidents happen. Nobody truly wants to admit that they have made a mistake and it is probably easier to blame the other party involved or simply ‘forget’. Most of these mistakes can be easily resolved – by following what should be done and not even get oneself in such a situation in the first place. Driving etiquette is a no-brainer, but seems like a fairly difficult task for others.

It is important to always stay alerted and keep your focus to avoid accidents from occurring. Everybody has somewhere they need to get to, so why not help each other and be courteous on the road. Driving on a road and stressing out over vehicles around you can cause more potential accidents to happen. Let’s all lend a hand in keeping our roads as safe and smooth as possible.

Drive safe and be a considerate driver!

Image Credit: Danger Road

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