Everybody loves vacation time. Traveling with your car during a long holiday can be extremely exciting, yet complicated when it comes to packing. Packing in and trying to fit in all your belongings inside a luggage can be difficult, but all will be for naught if you’re unable to pack all your luggage inside the car.

Here are several ways to pack your car for a vacation:

1. Clear things out

First things first, get rid of all the things inside your trunk that you will not use during the trip, whether it is big or small. However, do not forget to put in the emergency kit back only after you have packed in all your luggage or boxes inside the trunk for an easier access to use it when you need it.

2. Larger items on the bottom

The next step would be to take in the larger items and place it on the bottom. Make sure to evenly distribute the weight when you place the rest of your smaller boxes or luggages on top of the large ones. Keep in mind not to overload the weight as it might damage the car’s handling and safety.

3. Pack it the ‘Tetris’ way

Trying to fit in your items inside the car is like playing a real life game of tetris. It requires you to think of how to pack in all your stuffs in the most efficient and convenient way. One crucial thing to always remember is not to block the rear windows for a good visibility while driving and that all items are safely secured to prevent it from flying and worse, injure anyone.

After all the blood and sweat you spend packing your clothes, emergency foodstuffs, survival kits, a grand piano, and a couple of zebras into your car, you are now good to go! If by any chance you still can’t manage to pack all your stuffs in, you might want to consider buying a car with bigger trunk capacity. Look for these cars at!