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Legal Aspects of Modifying Your Car in Singapore

We know that this could sound absurd but almost any car can be modified to look like an expensive and exotic supercar. You just need an idea, big effort and a whole lot of aftermarket parts. By changing the exterior look of your car, modifying your car from a boring family sedan to an expensive-looking sports car is possible (& sometimes, legal). Of course, if you don’t touch the machines, the car will still drive and perform like the boring family sedan it is, but it will look like a million dollars. However, there are important legal aspects you must consider if you want to make such radical customization to your car.


Things to note when Modifying your Car in Singapore


Laws are very strict

modifying your car-strict laws in Singapore

In Singapore, laws regarding vehicle customization are very strict (Read about 5 Illegal Vehicle modifications). If you want to turn your ordinary vehicle into a supercar, first check what aftermarket parts you can use since the government forbids using non-homologated components or parts that could be dangerous in case of accidents. So, be sure to use the aftermarket items that are legal and proven and won’t give you any trouble with the authorities.

Make your own parts

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If you have the skills in computer design or working with fiberglass, you can make your own unique parts to suit your vehicle. This is a great part of every such project because your imagination and skills are the only limits. Be sure that you are not copying anyone or using any protected designs or solutions.


Car Inspection Image
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If you build your own design components, spoilers, splitters, rear wings etc., be ready for inspection before registration. The inspection will check if the components abide by the laws and if they are safe in case of accidents. The inspection will be very strict so be prepared for that.

Avoid putting any insignia or badges on the car

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When your homemade supercar finally hits the streets, avoid putting any badges on the car, even if it looks like some well-known supercar. This is an important legal trick since using some brand name on anything other than stock factory model is forbidden. You don’t want to get into a lawsuit, as this will ruin your supercar experience and cause all your hard work to come to naught. If your design gets thumbs up from the fellow motorist and pedestrians and turns into real crowd-pleaser, consider starting a small aftermarket tuning company to make your personal designs available to a wider audience.

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