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Hypercars: What Are They?

If someone were to ask what goes beyond sports cars; supercars would be the answer. If the same question were to be asked for supercars; you guessed it, hypercars. Anything beyond that can only be described as a jet car and those are only legal on the race tracks. Hypercars blur the line between the legal and the illegal. They are made to conform to driving laws by the smallest amount of margins. Hypercars are essentially cream of the crop works of art precision crafted by modern engineering miracles. See 4 iconic ones here.


To qualify as a hypercar, the body must be made of ultra-light composite materials. Carbon fiber is the normal go-to here with its good tradeoff between weight and hardness. The aesthetics of the car determine the drag and the aerodynamics through carefully placed lines and curves. As the engine is going to be extremely potent, the drag ensures that airflow is pushed towards the ground and the car simply does not fly off the roads. This gives the car better stability and handling when matched with the car’s low body design which has the effect of a low centre of gravity. Lastly, most hypercars are hybrid vehicles. They draw power from both the combustion engine and an electrical source, namely a battery. This allows them to achieve the raw power that they do and the performance worthy for an automobile to be described as hyper.

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