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Exploring Parts of South East Asia

A road trip around South East Asia is incredibly cheap, with so much to offer. You won’t even be able to roll all the destinations into one trip, considering the varieties of interesting sites the region has to offer.

You might be wondering, “But how much time does one need to explore South East Asia fully?”

Well, it depends on your schedule.

While you can easily spend time in South East Asia without getting bored, a road trip across the scenic beauties and history can take up months. Your only challenge remains to select the most worthy sites to explore.

Get your necessary documents ready and roll up for the most scenic beauties in South East Asia. Usually, the countries in South East Asia have friendly policies which do not hamper road trips.

Here are some of the scenic beauties you may want to explore on your road trip in South East Asia.

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roadtrip vietnam
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Begin your trip in the colonial streets of Hanoi. Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital, laden with rich history and culture, dating even back to the Cold War times. You can unwind as you sail in the famous Ha Long Bay. It is a natural wonder to behold, as you get real experience wading through the calm sea.

You can then travel to the ethnic tribes to the north of Hanoi. These tribes are in the northern hills surrounding Sa Pa. Experience what the village life has to offer, especially the traditional cuisine and cultural practices. These villages are very receptive to visitors and offer more than experience if you look to explore the South East Asian culture.

You can then visit the Central Highlands through Da Lat. You get to admire the wavering natural architecture of the hills and the lush green vegetation. However, if you crave much for the sea, you can still visit the sand and the beach on the island of Phy Quoc.


Exploring Parts of South East Asia
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You can start your trip in Yangon, then to Mawlamyine, which is Myanmar’s third largest city. Here, you can get a feel of the city life in Myanmar, the culture and history it offers. I can assure you that it is much different from your normal city life, considering the traditions and the culture of the Myanmar population.

You can then proceed on to Kalaw. Kalaw is the perfect spot for those who like hiking and trekking. You get to interact with the ethnic minority villages and their way of life. You also get to behold the Inle Lake, a physical exquisite for the local population.

In any case, you could catch a boat to Hpa-an before visiting one of the famous Buddha sites in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo. You can take a road trip to Bagan to experience more awe-inspiring Buddha temples, as you learn the architecture and culture of the Buddha lifestyle.


Exploring Parts of South East Asia
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Even though China is not part of the South East Asia region, it’s definitely a worth location for your road trip. It is laden with rich culture and sites to admire. I can for sure identify the Great Wall as the most ideal site, but there are many more. This destination cannot be covered in one trip but can be divided into sections, each trip covering the set section, unless you would like the road trip to take years. The road trip across China takes you across the Himalayas. Get to feel the natural architecture and the Himalayan temples. Typically, you get to learn the culture and the history of the great monasteries in this mountain ranges.

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