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Evelyn: Driving Solo Down the Safe Lane

Evelyn is the image of the sweet girl-next-door right out of a Korean drama. However, this affable and approachable girl considers herself as an average person just like anyone else. A fresh marketing and management graduate, Evelyn is a part-time tutor and an avid gamer, enjoying games like DoTA 2 and Counter-Strike. Evelyn is a fiercely independent and free spirit and enjoys shopping and exploring alone.

Evelyn: Driving Solo Down the Safe Lane


Evelyn was happy to grace us with a short interview while she was here.

According to Evelyn, finding the right balance between school, work and play is essential for life as an influencer. It’s important to both work hard and play hard and driving doubles as a leisure activity while being a convenient and time-saving mode of transport.

‘Driving gets rid of whatever problems I have, it’s very relaxing.’

Evelyn’s inner gamer shone through as she told us that driving is similar to strategy games.

‘Like in DoTA, as you play more, you gain more knowledge and understanding of the map and you naturally know the best places to go and routes after some time. It’s also quite liberating, you have the freedom to just go wherever you want. If I have a particular food craving, I can just go get it, it’s great!’

Evelyn: Driving Solo Down the Safe Lane

Evelyn’s favourite driving memories are from when she was a child.

‘I always enjoyed looking out the windows and enjoying the view on the way back from grandma’s place while singing along to songs on the radio. It was like quiet and relaxing quality time for me, very enjoyable.’

Evelyn has been driving for more than four years and laughs as she confesses that she is a ‘very very safe driver’ with a spotless record.

‘I do everything by the law. I never drink and drive. I Signal when it’s required, speed up when it’s appropriate but always within limit of course!’

When her dad wanted to sell the car, Evelyn convinced him to give Carro a try as she likes the services provided.

Evelyn was very impressed with Carro’s handling of customers. She spoke very highly of the staff member servicing them and attending to their queries, adding that it was a very satisfying and dedicated customer-centric experience.

Evelyn: Driving Solo Down the Safe Lane

Lastly, on behalf of our male readers, we asked about her Steam username and DoTA 2 ID but she declined with a cheeky smile saying ‘That’s for you guys to find out!’

Too bad guys!

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