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ERP Charges: How to Pay Less for More Travel

The Singapore government has implemented a myriad of measures to curb car ownership in Singapore, one of which includes erecting gantries around hotspots to prevent excessive congestion. With ERP rates constantly on the rise, we have compiled a list of ways that you to minimise those pesky ERP charges.

1) Plan your trip beforehand

Did you know you could use Google Maps to plan your route while avoiding ERP gantries? Simply select ‘Avoid tolls’ when inserting your location and destination. Alternatively, use locally developed website to obtain the fastest route that will avoid ERP gantries. These websites also provide you with real time information about the current traffic situation so you can avoid getting stuck in a jam.

2) Try to travel outside peak hours

Did you know that travelling along the CTE after Braddell Road, Serangoon Road and Balestier slip road can clock up to $6 in ERP charges if you enter between 8:55AM and 9:00AM? To avoid incurring all these unnecessary charges, opt to travel outside these hours, or take public transport as it is simply not worth it to pay these ERP charges.

For the detailed list of all prevailing ERP rates, click here.

3) Take advantage of Uber promotions

Take advantage of $5 UBER Pool fares throughout the month of August on Fridays, or from 28 August to 1 September, as these promotions let you travel anywhere for a flat rate of $5 even if you pass through ERP gantries! What a steal! Look out for these promotions by Uber as they are always offered at a flat rate. On the other hand, look out for these charges when using Grab as the ERP fares will be added to your final bill when you reach your destination.

4) Use the park and ride scheme

The park and ride scheme lets you park at certain HDB car parks en route to work and then take the MRT the rest of the way. This can save you a significant sum of money overall since you won’t have to pay for season parking in the CBD and also get to save on ERP. If you pay $5 a day in ERP charges to drive to Raffles Place and season parking is $350, you spend $450 a month in total. Alternatively, under the park and ride scheme, you only have to pay $3 a day in parking charges. Riding the MRT from Clementi to Raffles Place and back again at the end of the day would cost $2.42. Your total cost would be around $110, yielding monthly savings of over $300.

5) Capitalise on ERP-free Sundays

Always try to run your errands on Sundays as there are no gantry charges throughout the island on this day. You might also be able to get free parking at some HDB estates on Sundays.


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