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5 Steps to Win the Annual Subaru Car Challenge

Are you interested in joining the Subaru Car Challenge? Want to find out what is needed to to be a winner? Let CARRO help you with that!

Here are 5 steps to take note of in order to win the Subaru car challenge!

Conquer Your Mind

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Sandra Yeow, 2007 winner of the Mediacorp Subaru Car Challenge with a time of 77 hours and 13 minutes, shared that it’s best to set little goals and to count down to breaks rather than the passing hours. Even though you are not specifically focusing on hours, set your goal to beat time rather than win the car. Overall, it’s positive thinking that’s needed to keep moving forward and enduring the pain.

Eat Well Before the Challenge

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Mr. Jaishanker, the 2014 winner with an impressive time of 82 hours, 16 minutes and 58 seconds, gave a helpful tip on dieting. Before the challenge, focus on loading up on carbohydrates and potassium. With these in your diet, you’ll have more energy to burn during the challenge.

Start incorporating these into your diet at least a week prior to the challenge.

Get Fit

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Both Yeow and Jaishanker agreed that fitness plays a key role as a winning contestant needs to have strong leg muscles to stand for long periods of time. Build strength in your legs by doing exercises that target thighs, calves, and glutes. Take a break from exercising at least three days before to prevent soreness from affecting the challenge.

Water and Break Tips

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Get rest the night before instead of practicing. Jaishanker had shared that even your hand position on the car counts; applying too much pressure can stop blood flow.

He advised keeping your wrist relaxed at a 45-degree angle. Drink three to four cups of water during the day to stay hydrated and two cups during the night to minimize the need to use the restroom.

Sunawr Ali, 2016 winner with a time of 75 hours and 58 minutes, shared that the toughest part of the challenge was pain caused by water retention. You can prevent water retention by moving your feet and avoiding isotonic drinks.

Eat for energy and save break times by eating finger foods like bread while standing in line to use the restroom. Before the break is over, lay on the ground and prop your legs up on the car to improve blood circulation.

Have A Support System

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Finally, have friends and family around to support you. Not only will they give you encouragement and motivation, but they can also be a form of entertainment to help you pass time. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate winning with friends and family?

Start preparing yourself today!

It’s never too early to start preparing for the challenge. The shortest time since 2002 is 61 hours and 55 minutes so try to make that time your minimum goal or a guide for your skills.

Good luck!

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