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5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World

Creativity is a much-needed trait in any line of business. The car industry is developing extremely fast at the moment, so the companies need to be on their toes if they are to stay competitive.

Some of them opt for creative design solutions, other for advanced tech, some for clever marketing strategies and others for innovation that sets new standards. In this respect, we have to say that there are many car companies that have been doing wonders for the industry. Here’s a nod to some of them who have not had a single creative moment, but continuous inspiration flows.


5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World
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The quirky European company has designed some of the best, weirdest and most innovative cars in the world. Their design solutions have been loved for decades now. Have a look at the interiors and exteriors of the likes of the Citroen Dyane and 2CV, or the magnificent Citroen DS, or the modern cars such as the C4and even the weird Cactus. Sure there have been misses, but Citroen has had a long streak of designs which seem so wrong, but actually work like a charm. Speaking of the DS, this legendary car was one of the most technologically advanced machines when it was produced from 1955-1957, having even headlights that turn with the steering wheel – a feature that is now boasted as an advanced one. Citroen is also one of the first companies that offered hydraulic suspension and one of the softest rides in the world.


5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World
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We’ve just praised the Citroen DS, but Mercedes has been producing such cars for decades. Where do we even start with the famed Stuttgart manufacturer? From the style and performance icons such as the 710 SSK Trossi Roadster, or the 300SL, or the fact that they made one of the first cars ever back in the 19th century, or the various S-Class models which have been setting comfort and safety standards for the entire industry, or the performance milestones that every AMG model is, or the elegant design solutions, or the fact that they introduced the industry milestones such as crumple zones and plenty more, or the incredible durability of their W123, W124, W140, W126, W201…

There is no way we could ever even try to list all of the creative achievements of Mercedes-Benz in one article, but maybe one car could give you a hint of what Mercedes-Benz is. It is the Mercedes-Benz 600 (OK, they are not very creative with names).

5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World
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The 600 boasted some of the features that are considered science fiction even now, almost 55 years after the first one appeared in 1963. For example, the 600 had incredible materials and comfort, but also ADJUSTABLE AIR SUSPENSION. In 1963! But that’s only the beginning. It also packed power windows, seats, boot lid, sunroof and auto-closing doors – something BMW and Mercedes still boast in their flagship models. These features were regulated by an incredibly elaborate hydraulic system that spread out throughout the entire car. Once again, in 1963.

Mercedes-Benz is still at the very front of the industry and, judging by its current development, it is likely to stay there for a long time.


5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World
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Yeah, you all knew it was going to be on the list. Elon Musk is a true innovation genius and a person who does many things that other people think are impossible. His trip into the car industry brought us the fact that electric cars are now a common thing. They push the performance, eco, design, functionality, styling and tech boundaries in every respect. Electric cars are currently developing faster than mobile phones and Tesla is at the very front of the movement.


5 Most Creative Car Companies in the World
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Toyota has a reputation of a company that makes unremarkable but reliable cars. If you want a sensible car, buy a Toyota. However, they have also made some stunning race cars, as well as pushed the hybrids into the mainstream with their, admittedly hated, Prius. Safety has also been one of the main concerns for Toyota and they did wonders in that respect. Anyone who has ever done anything regarding tuning has to be familiar with the wonder that the 2JZ-GTE engine is. Lastly, Toyota is currently leading the front in the field of hydrogen cars, a tech that is competing with electric cars in terms of efficiency. Moreover, they keep the entire production in-house, so Toyota is actually by far the most advanced hydrogen cars manufacturer in the world with no real competition.


We had to choose one car company that did a great job in the marketing department. Now, almost every high-profile company has amazing marketing campaigns. Billboard wars between BMW and Audi sparked lots of fun and Porsche had amazing snarky posters decades ago. However, we’ve opted for Audi for one incredibly smart and simple commercial that stands to represent all of the healthy competition in the car industry today.

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