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Going Green With Cars

We all know that cars are one of the main sources of pollution, especially in urban areas. Despite the fact that cars are now cleaner than ever, the amount of pollution they produce is still considerable. One way of dealing with it is to buy and drive an electric vehicle, and the other is to learn to use your regular car in an environmentally friendly way. Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement in your daily routine that will help the environment and reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.


Avoid city and short distance driving


In Singapore, public transit system is one of the best in the world so if you can, use it instead of driving. City and short distance driving produce the most pollution due to a simple fact that the car engine and catalysator are not properly warmed and the emissions the produces is full of poisonous gasses. Only when the car has achieved its optimal working temperature and it has been driven for some time, the emission level is back to normal. Also, while the car is idle, on stoplights or in a traffic jam, its engine is producing the highest amount of pollution since it is not revving enough and the engine is not burning the fuel fully. By avoiding city driving and short distances, you will not only help save the environment, but protect your engine and save a lot of money on fuel.


Be sure that your car is in perfect working order


Only a fully functioning car can be environmentally friendly, so make sure that every component is working properly. For example, if your engine is not working as it should, the emission levels will be very high and if your exhaust system is not good, toxic fumes will be all over the place. That is why it’s important to have a mechanical sound vehicle at all times. You should even check your tire pressure since it could help reducing the emissions. If your tire pressure is low, the engine will have to work harder to move the wheels. If the engine works harder it will use more fuel and produce more emissions.


Use the cleanest fuel you could find


Most gas stations offer different types of fuel and in case of gasoline, you can choose from a couple of different types and octane ratings. Always choose a higher number and a cleaner formula which will not only help cars have better performance, but also help your engine have cleaner combustion cycle which will result in fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption.


Drive calmly


By avoiding aggressive driving in favor of gradually accelerating and driving under the speed limit, you will not only help protect the environment and produce fewer emissions, but you will also save fuel and reduce the risk of accidents. Slower driving will put less stress on the engine, making it not only more economical, but environmentally friendly due to fewer emissions being produced. However, it is not your engine that will benefit from slower pace. Your tires, brakes, and suspension system will also work better since they will not have to cope with hard braking or sharp turning.

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