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Movies, especially science fiction movies, often depict state-of-the-art cars that are often associated with their main characters. Some of these cars showcase technology that looks so realistic but are unlikely to be developed anytime soon (sorry to burst your bubble). However, there are many films that depicted fictional automobiles that were later invented. Others, involve modifications of existing cars to suit the demands of the films. Below are 4 movies that accurately depicted future automobile technologies and recent existing cars.


Movie Total recall blog 2010 02 03 the-futuristic-cars-of-total-recall

This movie depicts a car technology that is currently being developed: driverless cars. The lead character, Douglas Quaid, a construction worker is always dreaming of Mars. The scene that sticks out in this movie is the self-driving car referred to as Johnny Cabs.  This depiction of autonomous cars is currently under development with some cars in operation. Total Recall gave an early depiction idea but the sleek self-driving car depicted in I, Robot was closer to what is being developed today.


Fast and furious franchise 2017 04 14 meet-the-cars-of-fast-and-furious-8

This franchise brings in a lot of action involving a lot of cars. The cars in this movie are not accurately depicted. They undergo a series of improvements and added parts to match the intensity of the film. Many of the cars are customized under the authority of the manufacturing company. The following are some of the cars in the franchise.

  • Dodge Ice Charger

This car is the one that grabs most of the attention. The 1968 Dodge Charger was custom made for the slippery conditions off the ice scenes. The car is made with steel paneled muscle with a magnificent body kit. The tires are spiked to take on the ice terrain and it also gets an all-wheel drive.

  • Subaru BR-Z

This car was also customized for the Fast 8 movie. In the city sequence, this car steals the show. This coupe received a custom job on its body kit and wide wheels. Identical Subaru BR-Zs were built for the film to capture the crashes.

  • Lykan Hypersport

Fast & Furious 7 offered an accurate depiction of the Lykan Hypersport. This was more of an advertisement and promotion of the car made by W Motors’ first sports car designed in the United Arab Emirates. The car was the exact production model with features like the headlights filled with white gold, sapphires, and diamonds.


Need for Speed custom-ford-shelby-gt500-set-to-star-in-need-for-speed-movie

When the adaptation of “Need for Speed” came to the big screen, it featured a great deal of fast cars. More than 15 supercars were built for the movie. The car that is iconic in the movie is the Ford Mustang. Ford together with filmmakers designed the Mustang based on the 2013 Shelby GT 500. The most interesting thing is that, since the car is mostly smashed up on screen, replicas were built to take hits. Other cars in the film include the GTA Spano, McLaren P1, Bugatti Veyron, Koenigsegg Agera R and Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.


Speed racer pin 569635052841026483

The sight of the white and curvaceous race car, the iconic Mach 5, takes car enthusiasts to a different time. It was a challenge to handle the Mach 5 in this movie since, in its animated series, the car would jump over obstacles using jacks and cut down trees. The question was “How real is the Mach 5?” A genuine running model was built for the film with similar features and abilities similar to the ones in the cartoon. The car had prototype parts built with revolutionary technology to handle its top speed. Since it was not an exact depiction of the car, special effects were used to add missing features.



In conclusion, some of the cars used in movies are the real production cars, often for the purposes of promoting that particular brand and model, while sometimes the cars in movies have been added special effects so as to suit their roles.


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