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How Does a 150-Point Car Inspection Work?

Vehicle inspection is one of the most fundamental components when buying a pre-owned car in Singapore. The car inspection process ensures that the car you’re buying is in good working condition and does not have defects.

While it’s not easy to always spot defects or issues that are present in a car, the inspection process is pivotal to ensure you’re not buying a lemon. It’s not enough for potential buyers to go for a test drive and do a simple visual inspection.

The inspection process has to be more rigorous and in-depth to ensure you pick up on defects and potential problems. It’s also best that the inspection is done by a professional mechanic or car workshop, ideally somewhere you trust!

To further protect car buyers, it is also now a standard for inspection reports to be provided and the process will involve a 70-point or 150-point check.

What is a 150-Point Inspection?

A 150-point inspection covers every essential component in your car. The inspection is extremely comprehensive and will help you identify potential or current problems found in the car.

Some of the components that are checked include:

  1. Road Test – this test looks at the functionality of the engine, brakes, clutch, gearbox, and suspension
  2. Exterior – this inspects the quality and wear and tear of components like side mirrors and doors
  3. Interior – this covers everything in your interior, including airbags, aircon, radio, and seat functions
  4. Underbody – this check looks at your tyres, wheel alignment, and exhaust system
  5. Under the Hood – this covers the car’s battery, various fluids, and wiring
150-point car inspection

For a look at how comprehensive a 150-point inspection is, check this report from CARRO, which was conducted by their in-house mechanic.

As you can see, this comprehensive inspection report is really helpful for car buyers as it assures them of their purchase. This makes it easier for drivers to buy pre-owned cars, knowing that a rigorous inspection has already been done on the car.

What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

pre-purchase 150-point car inspection
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It’s actually quite easy to differentiate between a 150-point inspection and a 70-point inspection. Whatever you’ll find in a 70-point inspection, is also included in a 150-point inspection. 150-point inspections tend to cover more components in a single area.

For example, the exterior inspection encompasses at least 30 different components and checks. Whereas in a 70-point inspection, companies tend to look at the exterior as a whole and each evaluation might not be broken down into specifics.

Therefore, it’s evident that the 150-point inspection is undoubtedly better. It covers more components and is more well-documented, offering you a clearer view of what exactly is wrong.

Where Can You Get a 150-Point Inspection?

Pre-purchase car inspections are a common practice. However, each company will have its own inspection process. While the basis of the vehicle inspection would be the same, the depth you get with a 150-point inspection is unrivaled.

In Singapore, one such company that offers a 150-point inspection for all its cars is CARRO. This inspection is mandatory before each car is certified and listed on CARRO’s platform. The inspection reports can also be downloaded from their listing page for full transparency. With this, car buyers will be guaranteed peace of mind and assurance before making a purchase.

How Does a 150-Point Car Inspection Work?

Furthermore, CARRO offers even more assurance for potential buyers through Singapore’s first 30-day wear and tear guarantee and 3-day return policy!

Learn more about CARRO’s contactless buying service here.

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