Wet Weather Driving: A Cause for Concern

It’s the time of the year when it’s raining almost every day in Singapore — Monsoon season! We hope this article will serve as a gentle reminder to drive safely during this rainy season and provide some useful tips on wet weather driving. Driving on wet surfaces reduces reaction times and presents safety challenges because your tire treads have to work harder to maintain a firm grip. Visibility on the roads will also be less than ideal due to damp conditions and darker skies.

“Singaporean family of 3 hurt in 5-vehicle accident along Malaysia’s North-South Expressway” – The Straits Times

wet weather driving

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1) Be prepared for wet weather driving

Give yourself more time: Allocate more time for yourself to get to your destination. Even if it’s your daily route to work, leave your home 15-30 minutes earlier. This will put you in a good mental state not to rush or get frustrated, and still reach work on time even when other drivers are travelling more slowly than usual. Be courteous! Do not play the blame game as it is in every individual’s interest to be extra cautious.

Turn on the headlights: Darker skies and heavy rain can greatly reduce your visibility on the road. Headlights will help you see better, and help other motorists see you too.


Wet Weather Driving: DOs & DON’Ts

  1. Check your tires: a wet-weather trip will require more grip than usual. Check your tires to make sure you have enough tread to grip on wet surfaces.
  2. Tap your brakes past puddle: Tapping your brakes after driving through shallow water will help to rid water off your rotors so as to keep your brakes dry when you need them.
  3. Use break lights and turn signals earlier: Earlier braking gives you more buffer time between your car and the ones in front and behind of you. Earlier use of turn signals will also give everyone a heads-up of your intentions and they will have more time to react.
  4. Avoid sudden movements: If your car were to be skidding on water, slowly step off the gas and steer straight until your tire regains traction. DO NOT steer sharply or slam on your brakes. If you must brake, tap them intermittently.
  5. Know when to stop driving: If the visibility is poor such that you can hardly see the cars in front or around you and you aren’t confident of driving on, find a safe parking spot and wait it out.


It’s the rainy season in Singapore but don’t let rainy days ruin your plans. Stay safe by sharpening your wet weather driving skills and be careful on the roads everybody!

Image Credit: Driving in the rain