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Trumpchi- A Car Brand Associated with Trump?

Nope, Trumpchi is not a product line with ties to the U.S president; it is an automotive brand owned by the GAC Group, a Chinese automaker. The Trumpchi brand went on sale in China in late 2010, and the primary customers have so far been local Chinese consumers.

1) First Things First: What Is With The Name?

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The Trumpchi name is not inspired by the U.S president either; it has to do with the Romanization of the name Chuanqi, the Chinese brand name that the parent company had started using. Chuanqi can be loosely translated to mean legendary, and the GAC group wanted an English sounding name that sounded like the original Chinese name, so they chose “Trump” to show how they trumped the competition and added “chi” for China.

2) History Of The Trumpchi

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The idea for a new car brand by GAC was born in 2008 as the company commenced the construction of facilities to manufacture the marque. Plan after plan in place led to the first Trumpchi model, the GA5 Sedan, being produced in 2010. The public was made aware of the brand in December of the same year, and public sales commenced on the same month. The second model was Trumpchi GS5, and it was launched in early 2012 as a sports utility car.

3) Cars Under The Trumpchi Marque

Cars under the trumpchi marque china-car-sales-data gac gac-trumpchi-ga6

The company has managed to manufacture many vehicles under the brand, and with quite the success in the market. Currently, there are seven vehicle types available in China under the Trumpchi brand. They include:

  1. Trumpchi GA3/GA3S – this is a four door saloon car marketed under the compact class. It is powered by a 6-liter DCVVT engine with an output of 90kW@6300rpm and 153Nm worth of torque at 4500 rpm. The engine has the option of being mated to a Getrag 5 speed manual transmission or an Aisin 4-speed automatic transmission.
  2. Trumpchi GA5 – this is a four door saloon car marketed under the mid-size class. It can be powered by any of the following three engines: a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with 116kW power @5250rpm and 216Nm torque at 1700-5000 rpm or a 1.8 liter DOHC VTML with 106kW power at 6400rpm and 167Nm torque at 4750rm, or a 2.0 liter DOHC DCVVT with108kW power at 6300rpm and 187Nm torque at 4500rpm. Transmission options are 5MT or 5AT with sports
  3. Trumpchi GA5 REV – this is a Range Extender EV model of the GA5. It is powered by a 0-liter petrol engine with an output of 45kW power and an electric motor with an output of 31kW and generates a torque of 25Nm.
  4. Trumpchi GA6 – this is a full-size saloon car with two engine options; a 1.6L and a 1.8L, both turbocharged. The power and torque of the engines are 16kW and 216 Nm for the former and 130kW and 242 Nm for the latter. Transmission can either be a seven-speed G-DCT or a 5MT.
  5. Trumpchi GS5 Super – this is a sports utility vehicle featuring five doors and available in both AWD and 2wd options. Engine options include a 2.0 liter DOHC DCVVT and a turbocharged 8-liter option.
  6. Trumpchi GS4 – this is a five-door compact SUV powered by either a 1.3L engine or a 1.5 L engine, both turbocharged DVVT.
  7. Trumpchi GS8 – this is a five-door seven-seater middle size SUV powered by a 0-liter turbocharged DVVT engine.


4) Plans to Enter The American Market

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The executives at the GAC group intended to breach the American market by latest 2019, but a complication has been hindering their progress on those plans. See, when the executives came up with the name “Trumpchi” they didn’t know who Donald Trump was. When they did find out who he was, they thought it was a good thing that their brand name resembled the name of the president of the country of their desire; shock on them. The name has been ridiculed in the U.S, and we can only assume it is because there is so much opposition to the Trump government. The company is now thinking of rebranding the car before introducing it to the U.S customers.

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