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Transforming any car to look like a supercar

Your car doesn’t have to cost millions in order not to look dull or simply too common for your taste. By following the advice of this article, you will find out how to modify it to look like a supercar at a relatively low cost.


1) Make your decision


Your first step should be to determine what design you’re going for. This will define the cost and scope of the work. Be aware of limitations on the wheelbase, the car body dimensions, etc. If you have a software design knowledge, it’s a plus as you will be able to define the extra parts that you’ll need with high accuracy.


2) Select your new body parts


You can build an outer shell of the existing body by anchoring new parts on top of your boring car. These new parts can either be made or purchased as kits although the second choice is very limited in terms of options. Manufacture your body parts piece by piece, consider their anchoring points, and make them strong enough to sustain the bending aerodynamic forces. Allow enough tolerance space between the parts in order not to stress them in any point during cornering.


3) Choose the materials


Since the new body shell will be additional, it would be a good idea to use a strong yet lightweight material for the new parts. Ideally, you should use carbon fiber, but since this is too expensive, you can use low-cost plastics or light wood sheets. Aluminum alloy components are also a popular choice for this purpose but their price is again relatively higher.


4) Check the forces


Once you’re done, you should get an idea of what max speed is the upper safety limit for your new “supercar”. As the new body isn’t designed by the manufacturer, chances are that the aerodynamic coefficient will be worse than previously, resulting in greater strain for the new body parts in addition to the worse fuel consumption that is to be expected in these cases. In general, you should drive slowly and just enjoy the looks. The motor under the bonnet can’t keep up with the looks anyway, so there’s no point in risking it.


5) Do not add badges


I know that adding a bull badge to make your new supercar pass for a Lambo is tempting when you’re having a super car body but you should avoid doing it for a simple reason: you are subject to copyright infringement. Lamborghini has already brought several body-kit manufacturers on US court of law for this reason, so be aware and do not risk it by adding a badge that even resembles a real company.


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