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Top 4 Hipster Cafes in Singapore

A hipster café is one which follows the latest trends, both in the restaurant and population dynamics. Every person would like to wind up in a café or restaurant for that nice warm food, but here are cafes which are definitely hipster-like. They have the latest trends, and even menu, which complements the basic service of offering food to the public. Even if you are not an Instagrammer who insists on posting photos of their favorite hang-out joints, a hipster café is one you would like to be gladly associated with. Below are some of our hand-picked hipster cafes in Singapore:


Top 4 Hipster Cafes in Singapore
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It is located along Alexandra Road, in the Alexandra Central Mall. It focuses on substantial meals including the usual pasta and pizza. Their prices are medium-ranged, but the stylish art on its walls, its arrangement and the furniture all magnify its exquisite beauty. One would gladly take a warm meal in such a café, admiring the beautiful design and the efficient staff in place to ensure your orders are not delayed. For the pizza, the prices range from $14 to $17 while the prices of sandwiches are between $15 and $25. Moreover, the restaurant has integrated the mobile app to help in outside deliveries and orders. The Entertainer app gives you the freedom to order for their menu items while being associated with such a modern outlet.


Top 4 Hipster Cafes in Singapore

Those who know Sarnies would gladly admit that once you step into Sarnies, you feel that you are in Tiong Bahru, rather than in the town center. It is located on the Telok Ayer Street. Its menu features a wide number of items, with salads starting from $15 and the sandwiches costing at least $14.50. It has a basic architecture, but the furniture is quite classic. The staff is very responsive, offering that great customer experience you desire most. The café also has been inculcated in the Entertainer app. You can place orders online at similar or even reduced prices while enjoying the meal prepared by a café you trust and hold in high regard.

Drury Lane

Top 4 Hipster Cafes in Singapore
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It is located on the Tanjong Pagar Road. Besides their central location, it offers great cuisine. It dons the pasta, including chili, kales, and mushroom. Their central location speaks for the expected design and artistic organization. It maintains a great brown theme, from the furniture to the walls. This color adds to the experience you get having your meal served in such an immersive environment. Much can be stated of its sound and entertainment system, but its integration of technology and great recipes offer the best for their customers. It is a café you would drive across the country to have a meal in.

Lola’s Café

Top 4 Hipster Cafes in Singapore
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Those who would travel all the way across the city to Hougang to have a meal can get exquisite meals at the Lola’s Café. It is located on the Simon Road. You can enjoy such great meals at much-reduced costs. The brunch and dinner items on the menu do not exceed $20. Most of the items are priced $15 and below. The meals can be customized to the customer’s desire, while also offering a great environment to enjoy such meals.


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