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Even if you’ve never tried selling your car on your own, we’re sure that you are aware of how tedious and troublesome the process can be. You would think that when you sell your car in Singapore, it would be the same as selling your stuff online.

But it isn’t!

There are a lot more factors for you to consider, paperwork for you to settle and it just takes up too much time to find the right buyer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other considerations and factors you have to take into account which add to the hassle of selling your car on your own.

When you sell your car in Singapore…

If you’ve ever tried selling your car on your own, you’ll know how much of a pain it is. It’s time-consuming, really troublesome and almost impossible for you to get a price you’re happy with. All these points combine to create a painful experience.

These three pain-points alone can scare people off selling their cars. But surely there’s an easier way to sell your car in Singapore? Find out how to sell your car quickly and easily at the end of the article.

But before that, here are some common issues you can expect to face when you sell your car in Singapore.


sell car easily

If you’ve never sold your car on your own, you won’t be able to comprehend how difficult and time-consuming it can be. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your car to a direct buyer or to a dealer! Either way, the process can be a real chore.

Unless you’re really lucky, it usually takes about 1 – 3 months to sell your car. There’s a lot of things you need to do on your own, making it extra tough if it’s your first time selling your car!

Apart from this, the time-consuming aspect also comes in the form of finding the right buyer. If you’ve sold your old stuff on Carousell before, you’d definitely have experienced a good number of trolls and non-serious buyers. Having to source for the right buyer can really take up a good chunk of your time. A lot of times you’d have to settle for an offer you’re not happy with, especially if you’re short on time or need to get the sale done quickly.

If you’ve decided to sell your car to a dealer, then the time-consuming aspect is the hassle of going from dealer-to-dealer. Read on to find out why.

Hassle of Going from Dealer-to-Dealer

It’s no easy task to travel from dealer-to-dealer, trying to find the best deal for your old car. But it’s something that, unfortunately, you must do.

If you’re a first time seller, the entire process might be overwhelming and the chances of getting hammered are higher. Nonetheless, it’s something that you just have to do. The good thing is, most used car dealers are all around the same area – Midview City, Carros Centre or Ubi, take your pick!

Our advice is simple, always have a base price that you’re happy to agree upon. And please, make it a reasonable number. Plus, if you can, bring someone who is experienced enough to help you make the right decisions as well as protect you from getting hammered!

Confusing Process and Paperwork

easily sell your car

Do you know how much paperwork is needed and the different procedures to follow when you sell your car? Unless you’re a professional in the industry, it’s likely that you won’t fully understand all the required paperwork and procedures.

All the different things that you need to do and settle before you can sell your car, can get really confusing. That’s why it’s always better to seek professional help!

Fear Factor

We’ve all heard of the different stories where new car buyers get cheated or scammed of their hard earned money. The entire automotive industry is tainted by the bad name. But always remember, a few bad apples don’t make the entire tree rotten! It’s important that you protect yourself and gain the necessary knowledge to avoid getting cheated.

Apart from getting cheated, there’s also the fear of getting a lowball offer without even realising it. Or getting pressured into accepting a subpar offer. Even though you might think that you’ll never accept an offer you’re unhappy with, it always happens. Because when you’re put in that situation, under the pressure, you never know what you might do or how you might react. It’s a really common thing!

No Price Transparency

In Singapore, it’s quite rare to find a place that offers a fully transparent pricing model. This is due to the fear that price transparency will eat up into the company’s profits. However, this is the wrong perception and companies should change by adopting this model.

With a fully transparent pricing model, consumers will be empowered with the necessary information to make an informed decision. Which will make the car selling experience in Singapore a whole lot simpler, safer and easier!

Read more about transparent pricing and how it makes selling your car safer here.

Best Way to Sell Your Car in Singapore

When you’re thinking of selling your car, you should definitely consider selling it with Carro!

In Singapore’s fast-paced and hectic environment, many of us don’t have the luxury of time. We need to get things done quickly yet want to get the most value out of the things we do.

That’s why selling your car with Carro is the best way there is!

Carro lets you sell your car in just 1 hour at the best price, guaranteed. The entire process makes selling your car quick and hassle-free! Plus, Carro’s transparent pricing model gives you a sense of assurance that you are getting a fair price with no hidden fees and no guesswork!

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