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Road Trip Through Washington DC

Washington D.C. is the capital city in America. Interestingly enough, this city does not belong to any specific state and is instead its own federal district. Sandwiched between Maryland and Virginia this area belongs only to the federal government and houses important land masses that hold history and lots of political importance. This land was donated to the federal government by both Virginia and Maryland to create this historic city. This is a very walkable city that can be seen from a unique perspective. It doesn’t spread across a huge plot of land like other states which makes it more convenient to get around without a car. This small mass of land is incredibly dense with numerous important sights to see along the way. This trip is great for those who are interested in American history or politics. With many grasslands and parks along the way, your kids will enjoy it here as well. We’ll start our road trip through Washington DC at the infamous White House.

White House


This historic house was originally built between 1792 and finally finished in 1800 under the close eye of America’s first President, George Washington. 44 U.S. Presidents have lived in the White House making Washington the only President to not live here. The war of 1812 proved damaging when the British burnt part of the house down in 1984, then being reconstructed under President James Madison.

The White House has held much historical and political importance to the United States of America, and to the whole world. There are tours through the estate that takes you through the building giving tours of the living quarters and the rest of the building. Additionally, you can circle the grounds for potential sightings of the current US President, Donald Trump.


United States Capitol

Source: Capital building -
Source: Capital building –

This building is the famous hub of so many politically important decisions. The dome roof standing in the heart of the city has an easily recognizable design. This building houses the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives. It is open to daily tours where a guide will take you around the premises explaining the historical importance of this impressive building. For any history or politics buff, this is a must see building.

National Mall

Source: National Mall -
Source: National Mall –

This isn’t your typical shopping center. In fact, the National Mall doesn’t have stores at all. Featured on many hit sitcoms and movies this is the place where the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial sits. This is a historical part of Washington DC that you can walk around and experience by foot.

It is just across the street from the white house and will blow you away by its grandiosity. You need not be familiar with American history in order to appreciate all the many impressive buildings. If you are not a fan of history, the architecture here alone will impress.

Museum Tour

Source: Museum -
Source: Museum –

Even though this is such a small plot of land there are many museums and art galleries within walking distance. The Smithsonian is a famous art exhibit that has pieces from world renowned artists and sculptures. Sitting just across the street from the National Mall it won’t take you long to travel around.

If art isn’t your thing the Folger Shakespeare Library holds rare readings from Shakespeare’s collection. Catch a play in the theatre and be blown away by some great acting.

If you are lucky enough to be in the area long enough, try any of the following museums for a world class museum tour: The National Museum of Natural History, the National Air and Space Museum, the International Spy Museum, the Newseum, and the National Gallery of Art.

Complete your day with a stop at one of the small cafes and coffee shops for a nightcap. Sip on your coffee or beer and watch as the city lights up and the sun falls.

Washington DC is a quirky place that has something for everyone. From art museums to landmarks to taverns and cafes you will be impressed by what this little town has to offer.

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