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Road Trips Through The Hula To Hawaii

Hawaii may not seem like an ideal place to travel by car, but it has some of the most scenic roads in all of America. Of all the Hawaiian islands Hawaii is named the “Big Island” as it has the most land mass of the four islands that make up the state of Hawaii. But even as it is the biggest, it will only take you around 6 hours to drive the whole island. This allows you to see everything the big island has to offer. If you are traveling solo, or with a partner, try renting a moped and scooter your way around the island instead. This will allow you to see all of the sites while taking you places your car can’t go. Now, let’s start on our road trip to Hawaii, shall we?


We will start our road trip in the town of Hilo.


Source: Rainbow falls -
Source: Rainbow falls –

Hilo is a small town known for its stunning landscape. Park your car in the city and take a walk around the town. You’ll be shocked to know that Rainbow falls sits just outside the city’s streets and will treat you to stunning wildlife and a beautiful waterfall.

Much like the rest of the island you can jump on a helicopter or even an air balloon and fly over the volcanic activity. This will give you another perspective and show you just how active this area is.

Next we’ll jump back in our car and drive to the Hawaiian Paradise Park.


Hawaiian Paradise Park

Source: Paradise Park - flickr
Source: Paradise Park – flickr

Just a 30 minute drive south sits this breathtaking park of the island. The shore is rocky and black from the lava flows. There are designs and layers in the rock that you will only be able to see in this area of the world. Take a stroll along the water’s edge and enjoy the mist on your face.

Just steps away are the Hawaiian Beaches. The black rocky lava shore gives way to a white sandy beach that you expect from Hawaii. Bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the warm, crystal clear waters.

Next up is the famous Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Source: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Source: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Another short 31 mile drive will bring you right into the Volcanoes National Park. Ever dreamt of seeing an active volcano? Well this is the pace for you. Watch as the lava flows are still red hot and smoke billows out of the active lava tube. You will have your mind blown with how close you can get.

You can also visit the Volcano hot lava retreat. It is just steps away from the National Park and will give you more time to spend around the lava flow. Use this time to relax and enjoy the tranquility of island living. Have a massage and enjoy the scenery of this majestic place.

While you’re in the area we highly recommend a drive along the 23 mile chain of craters road through the park. You will be able to see how the landscape has been ever changed by volcanic activity. This is a geology or rock lovers paradise and a spot they could spend hours at.


Ocean View

Source: Kula Kai Caverns - flickr
Source: Kula Kai Caverns – flickr

The last stop is the small town of Ocean View. You will be able to get up close and personal with the ocean along the shore. Take some time to investigate the tide pools and see the sea life that comes along with it. Grab a bite to eat in town and then head over to Kula Kai Caverns. We hope you aren’t claustrophobic as you are able to climb through the tunnel system with a guided tour.

Hawaii is known for it’s warm climate and swimmable beaches. This road trip will take you on a tour of the big island and let you experience island living. You will see beautiful beaches, lava flows, even the jungle. Parts of this trip will be remote while others take you through cities and towns so that you get the complete picture of what this island is all about.

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