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Road Trip Highlights of Canada

Whether it is part of your summer vacation, a plan to head out or just getting acquainted with Canadian nature and history, there are ample kilometers that have to be covered, from coast to coast and many more stunning places worth every kilometer. So, what constitutes that Canadian feeling when making a road trip? Physical geography is an obvious factor, besides scenic vistas. You will be surprised at how an out-of-province license can instigate a conversation, and before you know it, you could be well heading to a history lesson in your impromptu destination. Here are some of the ideas for a road trip across Canada:

Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia)

Road Trip Highlights of Canada
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If you intend to experience the most exemplary sceneries on the Canadian’s East Coast, the Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail offers the best. The Cabot Trail completes a seaside circlet along the Cape Breton Island, intertwining between indigenous areas along the way. It has a plush scenery, complete with overhang forests, and natural grass and other vegetation. For those intending for a rustic experience, campsites are available along these sceneries. You will have a glimpse of the moonlight and sunset, glaring at the natural scenery in your site. Furthermore, the Cape Breton’s Highlands National Park offers a great experience for nature’s finest. Coupled with the services of Glenora Inn and Distillery, you can be sure to have the best moment of a road trip around this island.

The Cowboy Trail

Road Trip Highlights of Canada
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It is worth the stop as you drive through Alberta. The Cowboy Trail offers a rich history coupled with the natural scenery. It is located to the south of Lethbridge on the outskirts of Edmonton. It is devoid of major highways as you traverse through many patches of ranches along the way. It is a breath-taking experience, as you get to know the Canadian history of the Wild West. There are interesting excursions along the way, for example, horse-back riding, and even a visit to the Waterton-Glacier National Park. Feel the history and unwind from the bustles of the city life with such experience. We get to appreciate nature more when we experience it, something that the cities do not have in abundance.

Calgary to Jasper

Road Trip Highlights of Canada
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We cannot talk about a road trip without including the famous Rocky Mountains in the trip. Anybody born and raised in Alberta will always remember their first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains. It was majestic as the peaks tower over into the skies. You will probably agree that such an experience is worth a try, and it is a sight to behold. The Calgary to Jasper route takes you through the Rocky Mountains. You will experience the rocky meandering terrain as you ascend and descend the hills. It will also take you through the heart of the Banff National Park, before winding up in Jasper for some incredible glaciers at the mountain tops. The Skywalk scene, opened in the area, allows you to walk over to the Cliffside of a glass surface. You can peep through the underside as you relish the majestic flow of the Sunwapta River which crosses through the mountains.

Toronto to Niagara Falls

Road Trip Highlights of Canada
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The Niagara Falls is the most popular landmark in Canada. It is situated in the blossoming wine district. Besides beholding the majestic falls, you get to taste the finest wines Canada has to offer. If you need a break from the busy city life, you can take up the boat riding excursions and take pictures of glimpses of the falls.

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