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15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

We are living in an era where the added features of our cars are no longer in-built but installed as apps on our phones. Presenting to you 14 essential phone apps for cars.


1.  Waze

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

While the app is opened, your speed and route will be tracked and combined with others to determine congestion. It can also alert you about upcoming red-lights and speed camera, which Google map cannot do

2. Trafficam SG (Apple iOS) / Traffic Cam Singapore (Android)

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

False information from other apps has caused us to be always be doubtful of the information we receive. Therefore, this app provides pictures straight to your phone. These phone apps for cars is especially useful for checking out traffic conditions heading into and exiting Woodlands Causeway and Second Link. Say goodbye to all those pesky traffic jams.

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car


3. Sygic


Tired of facing an explosive phone bill at the end of the month just because you used your data for your GPS? By using Sygic, you can now opt to save offline worldwide maps. Good for travelling to Malaysia. Useful if you have limited data plan on your phone.


4. Park-a-lot

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

The app lists the car parks that are near your current location or destination, and allows you to sort them by price (based on your parking duration) and by distance too!

5. Carpark@SG

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

It is able to show you the parking rate of most carpark in SG. It is also able to tell you the nearest capark at your location. Its color coding helps you to differentiate the prices accordingly.

6. CarPark Rates


Powered by data from and LTA, it provides one of the most comprehensive database with prices of over 7,000 car parks listed. Not only can you search for rates, you can find the nearest car park and check the lot availability at the same time

7. ParkIt- Parking location and expiration reminder


With the tap of the button, ParkIt finds and stores the location of your car before you leave your car. When you come back, just open the app and it will detect the parking, the directions, the walking distance and time. It will also alert you when the time is up.


8. Shell Motorist

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

This app provides you with a faster and easier way to pay using their Fill-up and Go mobile payment service. You can also collect points and rewards with the Shell Driver’s Club

9. Gas Cubby


It provides you with the ability to log your petrol top up and servicing frequency. It is able to generate a fuel efficiency, petrol price trend and petrol expenses graph for your car, helping you track your petrol expenses

10. Petrol Lite


This nifty apps will compile the price all types of gasoline (petrol & diesel) in SG. It will alert you once there is an update. It helps me to see if Caltex pricing is still competitive with the rest.

Car Pooling

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

11. Lompang


Simply type in your start and end addresses, and they will get back to you when we have a potential match. No need for any personally identifiable information whatsoever. In fact we don’t even require a login.

12. Ryde


Using GPS Technology to match riders and drivers, while determining the contribution based on distance before the match so that you will know the exact amount before the ride and just split the cost accordingly later on

Other unique phone apps for cars to look out for

13. my SG ERP


This is very good to let you plan your route if you need to drive during peak hours.  It is able to display accurately the ERP pricing at various gantry at different time of the day. It help me save ERP money indeed!

14. Carro


Need more to say, you are probably lost if you have no clue what’s this latest app all about! Carro is Singapore’s fastest growing direct consumer-to-consumer mobile automobile marketplace that makes buying and selling an automobile a breeze.

Carro’s mission is to promote transparency and trust in the car purchase experience where buyer’s pay less and sellers get more. They not only help you buy/sell your car hassle-free, they also help you in the car loan and insurance process. Still need me to say how great it is? It speaks more itself.

15 Essential Phone Apps for Your Car

This concludes our list of top phone apps for cars!








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