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Number of Part-time Drivers on The Rise

You will never believe me if I told you that almost 10,000 people drive as their part-time job. Surprisingly most of them are not motivated by the financial gain but rather they are attracted by the opportunity to network and the social opportunities that come along with it.

What’s so good about driving part-time??

Number of Part-time Drivers on The Rise

1. Making new friends makes the journey enjoyable

With car pooling apps such as Ryde and Swiftback, you are now a friend or an acquaintance who decided to carpool together today. Users still use this simply because they enjoy meeting new people, talking about their common interests and making friends, all while on the way to work 🙂

“I like driving, and I like meeting new people, different kinds of people, and talking to them.”

– Eugene Earnest, Self-employed creative professional

“I’ve slowed down a bit (on the driving) since, because the restaurant is picking up a lot and there’s less time. But it’s not all just for the money; I still enjoy driving and meeting people.”

– David Ang, 35, is a restaurant co-owner

part time driving jobs

2. It is all about networking

Gone are the days where you only have social networking online. We now bring it into reality where social networking can take place in your very own car. You never know if your next business partner will be one of the passengers sitting at the back of your car, allowing your partnership to blossom from there.

“We had been trying very hard to find someone who can do a balloon drop – to net a whole 10,000 square feet area and drop 3,000 balloons in a club. And this guy who could do it, this events supplier – he was sitting right in my car!”

– Joel Chong, 22, an operations director in the nightlife industry

part time driving jobs

3. Meet old friends too

You never know if one of your car pooling buddy is actually one of your kindergarten 2 (K2) classmate. Amaze yourself!

part time driving jobs

4. Defray some car costs

Need more to be said? Living a part-time driving lifestyle is really not that bad since you are not totally reliant on driving as a source of income. You are just driving out of your convenience whenever you are free to cover some costs.

Number of Part-time Drivers on The Rise
“On a weekly basis, his takings from customers come up to about S$600, while petrol and CashCard costs amount to S$250. This means he forks out S$150 of his own money for the use of a car. “I’ve been part time driving for two months now. I think it’s worth it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to afford a car, with the high COE prices,” said Mr Ernest”

So what are you waiting for? Given all the perks that come with driving part-time, join in the fun and even do your part for the environment while earning some extra few bucks!


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