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Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World

A tourist destination can be a tough choice to make. Wherever we go represents our passion, or what we would like to do when we are far away from home. You may choose destinations based on their historical significance, art perspectives, culture and much more. However, some of these destinations are much overhyped. They have been overly represented such that you may be quite disappointed when expecting to get the piece of heaven. These are some of the most overrated tourist attractions in the world.

Taman Ayun Temple, Bali

Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World
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The Taman Ayun Temple is probably the most overhyped tourist attraction in Asia. It is presented as an ancient temple converted into one of the most ‘exotic’ hotels. Visitors who would want to identify with the ancient Chinese culture and religion would visit the hotel once in a while to get that real feeling. However, this is not what is actually presented in real experience. A person expects to get acquainted with ancient drawings, old Chinese practices and even tales on the ancient dynasties. In our first visit, it turned out to be a terrible experience. The hotel grounds were well manicured, but not enjoyable due to the high temperatures and even bugs. At night, mosquitoes ate us up. The surrounding areas of the hotel are filled with the homeless. Not quite the epitome of the expected Chinese culture, unless Chinese history and culture have gained a new definition.

Laguna Beach

Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World

This beach is awash with large masses. Every folk and kin would most likely propose this beach as the favorite winding up spot for their holidays. The region is hyped with the natural shimmery effect of the beach, the great menus in the surrounding restaurants and even the art exhibition centers at the beach. However, all these are overrated. The art exhibitions seem quite average. The restaurants serve normal seafood, just normal recipes which are synonymous with fast food joints. It may be beautiful, but these aspects do not live up to their expectations.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World
Source: 2015 06 25 new-hollywood-favorites-to-be-added-to-the-hollywood-walk-of-fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is extremely hyped about the celebrity prints on this platform. Are you excited seeing hand prints? If not you will be going to the wrong place. The walk of fame has hand prints of the celebrities who have graced the Hollywood hall of fame. They are merely hand prints to the normal eye, nothing special to write about. To add salt to the wound, the destination is usually heavy laden. You will be in a midst of great multitude, obviously increasing the noise levels. This destination does not live up to the hype.

The Grand Canyon

Most Overrated Tourist Attractions in the World
Source: Grand-Canyon-National-Park

The Grand Canyon is a geological site to behold. About 4 million tourists visit the site annually. However, it seems to be an average attraction. Despite the geological structure, there is no other value-adding element. The vegetation seems pretty ordinary that taking a trip there is comparable to setting your camping gear in the backyard. Even with the geological site, you have to traverse to the lowest point on the canyon itself to get that great feeling. This requires enough stamina and energy to trek the slopes. This may be an uphill task for the old and the middle-aged. Without getting that feeling, it is comparable to taking the rest of your day off to stare at natural bushes. Also, the large number of tourists make the canyon seem like Disney park. Do not expect tons of privacy in such an environment.

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