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Mio MiVue 698: Next Generation Dashcam For Your Car

The 698 is one of the best dash cameras available from Mio. While many of the dash cams on the market only have front-facing cameras, the MiVue 698 has an optional rear-facing camera that can be paired with the front one, and that’s just one of the advantages of having the MiVue 698 as a dash cam on a vehicle.

Those who are looking into getting a new dash camera for their automobile ought to look into the 698. There are many benefits of the 698, and although it doesn’t have built-in Wi-fi like the MiVue 658 WIFI, it has plenty of features like Extreme HD recording, safety camera warnings, and even a lane departure warning system to warn drivers if they are drifting from their lane.

Key Features of the MiVue 698

Optional Rear-Facing Camera


With the optional MiVue A20, the MiVue 698 can feature both a front-facing and a rear-facing camera. This makes it one of the most valuable dash cams on the market. The ability to record accidents that occur from both the front and the rear makes it the ultimate safeguard against fraudulent claims and the best friend of anyone that needs to work with an insurance company after an accident.

The optional MiVue A20 records at 1080p at FPS with a 140 degree viewing angle.


Built-in GPS


The included GPS system in the MiVue 698 helps it track the location of the drivers. It even automatically records driving information like speed, direction, as well as latitude and longitude of the vehicle. Dash cameras that don’t have built-in GPS aren’t able to record any of this valuable information that can really come in handy in the event of an accident.


Lane Departure Warning System


One of the big benefits of the MiVue 698 is its lane departure system. There are lane changes in traffic that result in accidents, but with a system that warns drivers if they are drifting from their lanes.

Extreme HD Recording

Another one of the benefits of the 698 is the ability to record with an HD 1296-pixel camera at 30fps. Recording in high definition is what lets this dash cam capture images at such a high resolution that no details can be missed. Whether while recording a road trip through a mountain pass or while recording an accident taking place, the HD recording capability of the 698 is what makes it one of the best dash cams on the market.


Wide-angle All-Glass Lens

A wide-angle lens is what gives the MiVue 698 the ability to record at 130 degrees. A wider angle gives the lens the ability to record footage that would otherwise be on the outside of the view of a dash cam.


Safety Camera Warnings

Another benefit of the 698 is the optional safety camera warnings that warn drivers if they are going too fast around safety cameras.


Limitations of the MiVue 698

No Built-in Wi-Fi

There are many positive features of the MiVue 698, and the GPS capabilities keep it connected, but one feature it is missing is the ability to use a Wi-fi signal to instantly transfer files over to a smartphone. That means that getting access to files is easier, whether one has files from a road trip or an accident that occurred. The good news is that the files can still be transferred to a laptop via USB.

The Verdict: 4.5 / 5.0

Apart from the lack of a WIFI feature, the MiVue 698 bundle is truly one of the best high end dashcams on the market.


Now retailing for $299 and $399 for the bundle, customers can also do concealed wiring at one of Navicom’s(Mio’s authorized distributor in Singapore) authorized dealers at a cost ranging from $30-50 for front camera and $80-100 for front and back cameras depending on car make. More info about Mio products can be found at

Koh Guan Chua Workshop

176 Sin Ming Drive

Sin Ming Autocare, #02-04

Singapore 575721


This is the 4th article in a 4 part series reviewing Mio’s dashcam range.

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