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Carro Guide to Last Minute Dates For Girls

Carro Guide to Last Minute Dates For Girls

Be at your best, not like above!

The Last Minute Dates Guide for Girls

Lady luck is finally on your side. Your crush has finally asked you out for a short coffee date. The only problem, he asked to meet in an hour and you are in a full panic mode.

Don’t fear as Carro is here to help you pamper and prepare yourself in 60 mins while in your car. We teach you how to multi-task at its best.

Disclaimer: This article is for amusement purposes, please do not prepare while in the driver’s seat. However, these steps are easily done in the back seat.

18:00 Mask (Optional Step)

Many will see this as an optional step. However, I included it in as it is still an important step since every make-up work needs a solid foundation and you really want to give 101% to impress your crush. Moreover, not having time to head home to freshen up, doing a mask will be your best choice. Always leave an extra packet of mask in the car so that you can always be prepared for an emergency like this. Use a wet wipe to clear any existing dirt on your face and stop over at the side to apply the mask. This will take less than a minute. The mask will take about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, dab the remaining onto your face and remove the excess with an non-alcohol wet wipe.

Carro Guide to Last Minute Dates For Girls

18:15 Touch Up

Now, all you need to do is touch up a little in order to impress. At the traffic light, powder some foundation and quickly take out your lip-stick. Using your finger, dab the colour onto your lip. This is to prevent unnecessary smudges that will require more time to remove. Time is of the essence so better to be safe than sorry. This will take less than a minute. Just in time, just before it turns green again.

At the next traffic light, you can opt to redraw your eye liner. Remember to have steady hands as you challenge yourself to beat the lights again. One tip is to draw(dot) short segments of the line and slowly join those short lines together to form the entire line. This will minimise any errors!

18:30 Dress Up

This is an optional step since it really depends on where you are coming from. The good thing about Singapore is that it is really small, so we can afford a little time to head home and change our outfit. Aren’t you thankful you have your own car to drive around now. Remember to not overdress. Dress comfortably as we are the most confident in what we are comfortable in.

Carro Guide to Last Minute Dates For Girls

18:40 Hair

After all the mad rush in the car, you can use a straightener/curler to tidy your hair. Simple yet an elegant look achieved. Alternatively, you can easily look up for simple quick hair-dos on YouTube and do it yourself. I have tried it before and it took less than 5 minutes to do so.

18:45 Get on the road

With your dress done, you can be on your way to the location. Having a car really makes it so much easier, doesn’t it. With 15 minutes to spare, you will definitely be on the dot. Even if you are not, play the trump card of being a girl and be “fashionably late”.

Having a car to settle last minute dates is the trick to stay on top of your game. Indeed, you can travel wherever, whenever, while looking fabulous. Get your next car at its best condition at the best price with us, Carro.  You will never need to feel rushed before a date again.

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