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How the Haze Affects Your Car

Everyone desires that efficient car. One that is economically-efficient and is reliable over a long period of time. However, these dreams may be cut short with the weather you drive through repeatedly. We may identify cars as the main causes of pollution, but we may fail to recognize that pollution can also have a drastic effect on our cars. Diesel cars are identified as the producing more pollution than the petrol cars. But haze chooses no type of car. Haze is one of the main elements which have a high impact on your car’s performance and reliability. Its blanket effects arouse concern for its effects on the car’s reliability and performance. Haze is a product of pollution, consisting of particulate molecules suspended in the atmosphere. Below are some effects of haze on our cars. With Singapore’s somewhat annual haze issue, you may want to learn more about it.

It Destroys the Paint Job

How the Haze Affects Your Car
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Haze is composed of particulate matter which are chemically active. It reacts when it comes into contact with the elements making the paint job. As such, acidic compounds may result which would corrode the surface of the car. Of particular concern is the formation of sulphuric acid which has high corrosion levels. Also, acid rain may result due to extensive pollution, thereby corroding the car’s surface. The damage done by corrosion is permanent. Once done, the only remaining viable solution is to redo the paint job. You may have to spend extra dollars to repaint your car to make it presentable. In order to avoid such long term costs, keep your cars indoor and wash it regularly to scrap off any deposits which may be potent for the formation of the acidic compounds.

It Pollutes the Interior of the Vehicle

How the Haze Affects Your Car
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A great interior is part of the experience in driving a car. Most parts of the interior are cladded with rubber. This rubber is meant to keep away moisture, not acid. Haze is potent for the formation of acidic compounds. Repeated exposure of the rubber elements make them lose their sealing functionality. They become hard, and would most likely crumble off, exposing the crucial components of the car to the effects of haze.

No one will feel great knowing that they have to carry their guest in the car with a poor interior. You can prevent your home from such effects, but is hard to prevent them in the car. You may close windows to control supply of haze, but the air already in the car has these particulate material. Our air conditioners may work continuously to clean up this air, but they become clogged as these particulate materials clog their system. You will still have to incur the repair costs for the air conditioner or even the cost of replacing the whole system.

It Hampers Efficiency

How the Haze Affects Your Car
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Besides the exterior and interior of the car, you will also have to worry about the engine’s efficiency. The engine is designed to absorb clean air which is supplied to the chamber for that explosive mix. The air filter ensures that only clean air enters the engine. However, repeated exposure to haze renders the air filter inefficient. Some particles may infiltrate to the main combustion chamber, where they are burned with the fuel to form new mix of elements. The initial air entering the combustion chamber is below optimal, this means that the fuel will not be burnt efficiently due to decreased presence of oxygen molecules in the air entering the combustion chamber.

It Shortens the Car’s Useful Life

How the Haze Affects Your Car
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The inefficient burning of fuel affects the general power of the vehicle. You will find the vehicle exerting unnecessary power to climb low-inclined surface. Many would attribute this to the car’s useful life. Therefore, repeated exposure to haze decreases your car’s useful life.

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