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The Future of Car Parking

Car parks have always been an area of debate for urban planners and architects. Not only do they consume a lot of space but they are also not the most visually pleasing things to gaze at. Apart from the convenience that they provide, their relatively low turnover makes planners and developers think twice. Car parks are an issue particularly highlighted in Singapore where central land is limited and population density is high. With Singapore aiming to be the first Smart Nation, let us explore the future of car parking.


The trend has been to build upwards but what if automatic car parks were built underground? Sure, it may cost a lot more but the economic benefits of having extra space, particularly if the area is central, may be worth it in the long run. A number of them have already appeared in China. The amount of space required for a car park is actually very small, with the majority of the space going to elevation and ease of movement. Automation by machines has allowed a considerable amount of space to be saved. This creates a system for car parks similar to vending machines. In line with the increases in battery-powered cars on roads, this also allows for the possibility for cars to be charged while parking.

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