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Spray Painting VS Car Wrapping: Pros and Cons

Ever since car wrapping started to be globally popular, car fans have been arguing. Which is the better and cheaper option and which will give the car a better look? Up to that point, there was only one solution if you were tired of your car’s colour or if you wanted to freshen things up – a full paint job. But now, you can do almost the same thing in a matter of hours and for far less money. However, is spray painting as good as car wrapping?

Here are the pros and cons of these two methods to help you make an informed choice between spray painting and car wrapping.

Car Wrapping

Spray Painting VS Car Wrapping: Pros and Cons

Car Wrapping is a simple process in which your car gets wrapped in coloured plastic foil or vinyl that resembles paint.

1. Different colours

The foil can be in a single colour, with wild graphics or matte, there are numerous choices on the market. The wrapping takes a few hours or days if it’s extremely complicated and costs a fraction of the price for the regular paint job. However, some of the most expensive wrapping jobs cost almost as expensive as a full paint job.

2. It is not the solution for cracked paint

However, if the basic paint is ruined and starts to peel, wrapping will not succeed to cover it. Cracked paint or rust will still be visible.

Additionally, if the wrapping is done by an inexperienced person, problems might pop up. The paints underneath could be scratched since sharp razors are used during the process to tailor the wrapping foil perfectly.

3. Recommended for branding cars

Car wrapping is perfect for complicated designs as it would be very expensive to do with paint.

For example, if you intend to use your car as a travelling billboard to advertise your business or service. It would require precision that spray painting might not be able to offer. If you want to cover your car’s old, cracked or faded paint, or even rust, we don’t suggest you use vinyl wrapping.

Spray Painting

Regular car painting is a more demanding process and expensive, but you will get better and more permanent results.

Spray Painting VS Car Wrapping: Pros and Cons

1. It takes a long time to paint the car

Normally, you need a few days of preparation before painting your car. You’ll need to prepare the bodywork and strip the old paint. You must prepare your car properly before going into the paint booth to get a new colour. Failure to do so will usually result in a bad paint job.

It also takes a couple of days for the paint to dry before it can be polished and presented to the owner. So you should prepare yourself to be car-less for that period.

2. Much costlier than wrapping job

The prices of a paint job vary but it’s generally quite expensive. As the process takes a lot of work and time to complete, companies tend to charge more.

However, the surface looks perfect after the paint job. The car will have a deep shine and will look brand new. Additionally, good preparation for the paint can keep the rust problems away.

3. Proper painting brings up the value of the car

Spray Painting VS Car Wrapping: Pros and Cons

So, if you want a perfect look for your car or if you’re restoring a classic car and want to increase its value, you should choose regular painting. It’s more expensive but it’s better in the long run, which will help you with any potential future sales.


The cost of spray painting and car wrapping really depends on the complexity of the work. But most of the time, car wrapping is cheaper.

When you spray paint a car, it’s a permanent modification and the process is almost impossible to undo. Depending on the car model and intricacy of work, it will minimally cost $1,000 to over $10,000.

However, car wrapping is a lot cheaper, quicker and easily removed. Car wrapping usually costs around $800 for a basic colour wrap and can cost a lot lesser if it’s just partially applied.

In Summary

Spray Painting pros:

–    Much better look

–    Better rust protection

–    Increases the value of a car

Spray Painting cons:

–    Price

–    Takes a lot of time and work compared to the wrapping

Car wrapping pros:

–    Price

–    Easy and fast to install

–    Wide choices of colours and paint schemes

Car wrapping cons:

–    Doesn’t cover faded paint

–    It makes rust problems worse

–    Leaves marks on your paint

–    Often looks cheap and ruins the original looks of the car

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