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The ‘Designated Driver’ Guide on a Night Out

Being appointed the designated driver doesn’t mean there isn’t any fun. You can be the life of the party and help your friends have a great time without creating any trouble along the way.

The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Sure, it may sound like it’s going to be an awfully ~sober~ night for you, but being the sober one has its perks! You won’t have to suffer that hangover the next day or start hurling on the sidewalk. Besides, you have the honour of making sure your friends are safe and ensure that a good night is going to happen! Help you and your friends get through the night without even realising you haven’t had a drink!

The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Let everyone know you’re the designated driver before the party starts

Letting everyone know your responsibility lets them be aware that they shouldn’t be offering you alcohol, so that you don’t feel too bummed out about it or force yourself to down a shot or two because of peer pressure. Also, they’ll know that they can count on you to keep them in control. Going overboard happens all the time.

The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Order non-alcoholic drinks for yourself

That goes without question. Even if you can’t get a little booze, there’s nothing wrong with an energy drink or two for that little sugar high. And did you know, even if you don’t feel drunk, as long as there as alcohol in your system, it can affect your reaction time. Bars and clubs always have a selection of mocktails to choose from. How about a Virgin Mojito? It’s on me.


The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Keep yourself occupied

Whether its dropping it down low on the dance floor or playing games, keep yourself busy so you won’t constantly be thinking about the fact that you can’t drink. Who says you need alcohol to have a great time?


The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Keep watch of your friends’ drinking limits

It’s easy to down cocktail after cocktail without realizing how much is being consumed. Getting drunk can be troublesome not just for you but for everyone else too. Nobody wants to clean puke off their shirt or drag their friends out of the club to end the night. Make sure that they have some water after each alcoholic drink they’ve consumed and observe if their actions start to differ from their normal selves. Be that hero to help save them from being hot messes.

The 'Designated Driver' Guide on a Night Out

Being the designated driver doesn’t mean you’re the party pooper, stay sober and party all night!

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