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4 Dangerous Driving Mistakes You Should Never Make

How to drive like a pro: A compilation of dangerous driving mistakes

Driving like a pro does not always mean driving to race, it could mean driving without causing danger to you and the others. Dangerrometer suggests how dangerous these driving mistakes are. Here are things that a pro would never do.

1. Mirror, mirror, side mirror

One of the most serious driving mistakes most people make is that they believe that as long as they can see the back of the car from the side mirror, everything is set in place. However, the correct way of setting the side mirror is to be able to see most of the things behind your car, not just the back body of your car. Why is this crucial? By setting the side mirror wrongly, you will create unnecessary blind spots, which rules out the main function of the side mirror, which is to remove blind spots.

Pro Method:

Maximize your car side mirror viewing range by minimizing the view of your own car body.


Controlling a car with no knowledge of where the car is going… is scary.

Dangerrometer dangerous car mistakes

 2. Pump the brake, pump it up, until it breaks

When you are up on a hill, people will believe that they should pump the brakes and accelerate gradually to keep the car moving uphill. This belief comes with assumption that the driver is able to estimate accurately how much he should pump and accelerate in order to keep moving. However, this is very wrong. No matter how experienced you are, there is a possibility that you may fail to estimate well. If you gas too much, you may end up hitting the car in front of you. If you brake too little, you may just go downhill and hit the car behind you. The driver behind will be shocked when you hit his car which may cause him to release his brake. When he releases his brake, his car will go downhill, hitting yet another car, and the vicious cycle continues.

Using a manual brake will cause your brake pad to erode at a faster rate. More importantly, you will waste your fuel since you will need to pump continuously.

Your car may then be over-used which may lower the long term quality of your car.

Pro Method:

Pull up the hand brake every time you need to hold your car position. Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.


You might hurt yourself and others around you.

Dangerrometer dangerous car mistakes


3. Stealth mode

It is dark at night. You are on stealth mode, all of your lights are switched off. You imagine yourself as James Bond. Wake up! This is the real world! During night time, it is very important to switch on the lights. Not only are you able to see the road, but others will be able to see you too.

To drive like a pro you have to know when you use your lights.

Pro method:

There are two types of light in most vehicles, hazard and head light. Hazard light is used when you are in a crowded place. In the evening, you must not use the head light as it may be blinding for the people around you. Head lights are used in a dark forest or to give a signal when there are sharp turns or when you are planning to take over.


You can cause people to have temporary blindness, this is especially dangerous along long stretches of darkness.

Dangerrometer dangerous car mistakes


4. Reach, Sit, and Drive

One hand on the window, one hand on the steering wheel. This way of driving may seem very cool. Just like in the movies, isn’t it? However, this is definitely not a wise choice. People who do this have a much lower reaction time, causing them to not be able to react to unforeseen circumstances such as children playing around or even a bird. This will not only put you in danger, it will also put others in danger. It could be one of the most dangerous driving mistakes ever!


Pro method:

Both hands have to be able to reach the wheel comfortably. Your wrist should touch the steering wheel so that you can push the brake fully without stretching your leg. And that is how you can drive like a pro.


Driving in an inconsiderate method like the above would endanger you and others around you.

Dangerrometer dangerous car mistakes


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