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Spotting a similar trend as the previous bidding exercise, Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums closed higher for Categories A, B and E, while premiums for Categories C and D closed lower in the latest COE Bidding Results (8 August 2018).

COE Bidding Results (8 August 2018)

COE Bidding Results (8 August 2018)

Category A premiums closed at $33,798 this time, increasing by $1,099. Cars in Category A are 1600cc and below.

Category B premiums, which are meant for cars above 1600cc or engine power exceeding 97kW, closed at $34,381, an increase of $1,830 as compared to the previous bidding exercise.

Premiums in Category E for all vehicles closed at $33,420, about $611 higher.

Surprisingly, premiums for Categories C and D continue to experience a decline.

With premiums for Category C closing at $30,389 while premiums for Category D closing at $5,514. Premiums for Category C meant for goods vehicles and buses. While Category D is meant for motorcycles. Both categories experienced a drop of $500 and $675 respectively.

For this round of bidding, the quota for COEs across all categories is 4,697, with 8,418 bids received.

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