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10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip

Back in the days when there were no smartphones, road trips could be a nightmare sometimes. But thankfully to the bored people that drove, car games emerged. Thanks to those car games, you could drive your car for thousands of miles with your loved ones and have a time of your life. Many of the younger generations may not remember them so we decided to make a list of the top 10 classic car games you should try out.

1.      Name That Tune

A classic car game where one plays a song and the others guess it. Choose a game theme like movie, TV show or particular artist. To spice things up you can whistle or hum the song to make thing a little harder and more interesting. If your karaoke skills are not so good you could always use your car radio. The winner of the game gets to choose the next song.

2.      I Spy

10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip

The mother of car games that most of us probably played more than a few times in our lives. For those who are not familiar with the rules, the objective is one person to choose an object from their surroundings and say: “I spy with my little eye something that begins with (the first letter of the object they choose)”. To be fair you should choose an object that is visible at least a couple of minutes. Naturally, the one who guessed the object gets to go next.

3.      Word Association

10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip
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You start with a random word, and the next person has to think of a word that is associated with the first word. If you want to make it harder you can choose word from a specific category and stick with it. The game continues until someone messes up, and then you start over.

4.      The Alphabet Game

Another classic on our list, a car game that everyone knows and loves. The rules are simple, you go through the alphabetical order using only words that are on billboards, road or business signs. Once a word has been used nobody else can repeat it. The winner is the one who gets to the end of the alphabet first.

5.      License plates

10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip
Source: httpstatic.snopes.comappuploads201612license-plate-robbery-hoax.jpg

Most suitable for kids, this car game has many ways to be played. The younger ones can call out letters in alphabetical order or they could look for doubles of numbers/letters. The older ones could try to collect out of state plates or to build phrases from the letter sequence in the plates. The winner is the one who collected the most plates/phrases.

6.      21 Questions

10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip
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Game suited for all ages. One person thinks of a mystery person, animal or object and the others ask him different questions in order to reveal the identity. The answer can only be yes or no, and if it’s negative the next person in line gets to ask a question. The car game continues until someone has guessed the identity or until 21 questions have been asked.

7.      Slug-a-Bug

10 Fun, Classic Car Games to Play on a Road Trip
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Classic “hippie” car game where the concept is to spot as many beetles on the road. The original rule was to punch your seat mate as soon as you’ve seen one, but we wouldn’t suggest that. Instead you could keep score and to make things more interesting you could make a point system where the different versions of a beetle are worth more or less.

8.      The Picnic Game

A great brain exercise for all ages and a great car game for the long road trip.  The rules are simple, one player starts with “I went to a picnic and I brought a….” and then he inserts an item in an alphabetical order. The second person says the same sentence from the first person plus adds his own item “I went to a picnic and brought an apple and a banana”. Try remembering 23 items in a sequence!

9.      The Name Game

Fun and easy car game where you connect the first and last names of famous person. The first person says a celebrity name a the next one has to name a celebrity whose first name starts with the same letter of the previous celebrity last name. If a celebrity where both the first and last name starts with the same letter, the game reverses in order.

10.  The Movie Game

If you’re a movie lover, than this is the car game for you. The rules are simple, the game starts with an actor or actress and the next person in line has to state a movie where he/she played. The next person has to say an actor from the same movie as before and it continues like that until someone has made a mistake.


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