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Changing your wipers the right way

Wipers are one of the simplest systems on your car. Their operation is straightforward as is their purpose. The only advancements in the way they work came from changes in their intervals and, lately, in the appearance of those rain sensors that turn them on automatically and make them do what they should. But the general idea has been the same all the time.

This is why replacing or servicing wipers is as simple as can be and most often you don’t need a mechanic. Let’s go through the entire process.

When do you need to change your wipers?

Changing your wipers the right way

Wipers almost never. Wiper blades are usually the things that need a change. Wipers are usually consisted of three parts – a metal arm that holds a wiper blade, a wiper blade that holds a rubber blade and that blade which actually wipes the glass. When the rubber blade starts skipping or squeaking or not do its job so well, it might be time for a change. Even though the rubber blade is the thing that went bad, it is often connected to the wiper blade, so the easiest thing is to change the wiper blade.

How to choose the right wiper blade?

Changing your wipers the right way

Most shop assistants will be able to tell you about the right wiper blade for you. However, since we buy most things online nowadays, knowing a bit more about it is a great idea. Here are a few things you should pay attention to.

  • Shape of the blade. Your windshield can be completely flat or, more commonly, curved. The wipers should follow that shape in order to do their job as they should.
  • Length of the blade. This is very important. Measure the blades on your car and buy the ones that have the exact same length. You can also find the measurements in your user manual. Mind you, vast majority of cars have two wiper blades and on many of them the lengths are not the same, so measure both to make sure you but the ones you can actually fit.

If you do happen to buy wrong ones (DON’T), shorter shouldn’t be much of a problem. They will leave a ridiculous-looking lower mark on your windshield as they wipe, but they will do the job. Buying longer ones, however, is a bad thing. They can hit the rubber seal around your windshield and both them and the seal can get damaged. To be on the safe side, measure the wipers.

  • Changing your wipers the right way

    Check the attaching mechanism. The wipers need to be connected with the metal arm and the connecting mechanisms can vary. Basically, you can see what you have on your car holding the old wipers and find the same thing. These systems are different, but most of them are pretty simple and straightforward. Moreover, most wiper blades are sold packed with adapters for various kinds of attachments.

  • Wipers aren’t too expensive, although some can be. They also vary greatly in quality and longevity. Generally speaking, anyone driving in more or less standard conditions doesn’t have to go for the most expensive option. The lower cost ones will do their jobs just fine.



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