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Carro’s Detailed Guide To a Memorable Mother’s Day

Looking for unusual ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day? Don’t worry, we got this! With Mothers’ day just around the corner, why not plan a special mini road trip for you and your mother? In order to cater to various personalities, we even provided different “packages”, or rather routes, that you can adopt to have some mother-child bonding time.

Take a nostalgic road down the 80s to celebrate Mother’s Day


1) Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh

The traditional way to make Chwee Kueh is using stone-milled rice which people no longer use anymore due to its convenience and the amount of effort required to prepare the food using such tools. Today, it is replaced with rice flour and made in factories. This firm yet soft breakfast packed with chai po (pickled vegetable) has a salty taste yet leaves a sweet aftertaste. The couple who owns this shops still believes in doing it the old traditional way, making it unique compared to other stalls elsewhere. Celebrate Mother’s Day here to reminisce traditional breakfast foods. Other alternatives would be Master Tang Wanton Mee or Teochew style porridge at Teo Heng Porridge Stall.

celebrate mother's day

2) Bring your mom to her hometown

You will be incredibly surprised by how happy your mother can be when you bring her back to the estate she lived in during her younger days. She will start telling you about her childhood, her youth when she had thousands of suitors (more than you, probably!) and how she eventually settled down with your father. Conversations you would never have had on a daily basis with your mother. Bear in mind that your mother has been there from the day you were born and probably knows a lot about you. How much do you know about her? What better way to break the ice than to start from here?


3) Café Colbar

For lunch, why not head down to Café Colbar, abbreviated from Colonial Bar. This cafe was opened in the early 1950s and served as a canteen for the old British Army Barracks. It has retained its rustic and old school feel, and will definitely remind your mother of the good ol’ days. Not only does it provide old school vibes, but it also serves up authentic Hainanese-style Western food at incredibly reasonable prices.

Take a blast to the past with your handy car.

celebrate mother's day

Address: 9A Whitchurch Road, Wessex Estate, Singapore 138839
Opening Hours: Tues to Sun: 11am -10pm (Closed on Mondays)

4. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Don’t be fooled by its old-school vintage exterior as this place holds many hidden treasures. Bring your mother for some freshly brewed coffee after lunch to continue the conversation. Be awed by the wafting smells of freshly baked pastries. The coffee there is definitely one of the best in town.

Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563
Opening Hours: Tues to Fri: 9pm – 7pm | Sat & Sun: 9am – 10pm (Closed on Mondays)

celebrate mother's day


Why not head down to the Lagoon at East Coast Park to enjoy seafood, sugarcane juice or coconut juice. After eating all that scrumptious food, you can then head down to the peaceful beach for a short stroll!

Take your mother on a relaxing and pampered adventure

Morning and afternoon: Spa

Few things in life are better than a day of rejuvenation. Bring her to a Spa where she can release all that tension in her muscles (from doing all that housework) and relieve any accumulated stress by going for massages at Spa centres which provides a large variety of massages from Thai to aromatherapy. Some special Spa centres like Calla Spa provide mineral pools that can help to rejuvenate your skin and also steam and sauna treatments. Left with some spare time after your spa treatment? You can also enjoy some cake and tea at eateries, like Lady M or Artistiquelocated in town or if you have a larger budget, where not bring your mother for some high tea at the Marriott Hotel nearby.


Instead of wrecking your head trying to buy a gift that she may eventually not fully appreciate, why not opt to bring her shopping instead where you can not only get her the perfect gift, but you can bond over quality shopping time together. It is about time you find out what your mother truly likes.

For nature lovers

Instead of getting your mother flowers that only last a few days, bring her to Gardens By the Bay instead where she can store memories of spending time with nature with her children. Enjoy the cool “weather” near the man-made waterfall. Be sure to catch Tulipmania which is a garden filled with Tulips till 22 May only!! Remember to also stay until night to watch the light shows. For lunch, you can make some made-with-love bento lunch boxes and have a little picnic there.

celebrate mother's day

Mothers’ Day only happens once a year and it is never too late to celebrate the love your mother has been showering you with over the years, and show some appreciation and love back. Have a Happy Mothers’ Day with your loved ones, from all of us at Carro!

celebrate mother's day








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