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5 Ways You are Damaging your Car Unknowingly

Washing seems like an easy job – splash water, wipe off, and ta-dah, you are done! However, you could have unintentionally damaged your car in the process of cleaning. You could have damaged the skin of your car, destroying the smooth spotless metal suit. Listed below are Carro’s car care tips to prevent scratches on your car ,and to help you wash your car without hurting it.


Washing Sponge is not the answerIt is true that sponges are cheap, but the sponges’ pores could be the exact reason why your car has scratches and swirl prints.  These pores remove bits and pieces of your car’s paintwork and leave more marks on your car. This is definitely not the way to keep “her” beautiful.

Wash Mitts can never be more smooth

Washing mitts is smooth, but some are still rough enough to hurt your car

Wash mitts are seen as a more expensive substitute of sponges, making them seem smoother and safer. However, cheaper wash mitts are made from much larger strands of wool material, heightening the possibility of scratching your car. Furthermore, typical wash mitts could also catch dirt, which could also scratch your car. Lambswool or sheepskin wash mitts would be the best kinds of wash mitts to use. Take note that swirling could cause more marks.

Saving water does not save money 

Saving money for water is not worth the damage of your carWe need to reduce water usage in order to save the earth. However, using only one bucket for both rinsing your wash mitts and pouring shampoo is a bad idea. When you rinse your wash mitts, you will expect the dirt on your wash mitts to be removed by the water. However, having the same bucket containing the shampoo, and the wash mitts might even catch more dirt! Use two buckets of water, one for the shampoo, the other to rinse.

Shampoo that suits

A good shampoo has to be not so strong and with a good lubricationThe large variety of car shampoo at supermarkets would push you to put your preference before the need of your car. A solution of strong detergents and little lubrication is definitely not what you need. Too strong of a detergent would result in a paint-detergent reaction which is bad for your car. Look for a moderate detergent with a generous amount of lubrication. That is the ideal shampoo for “her”!

Wash it well 

Wash it well

Wash with your heart. Don’t apply too much pressure- just enough to remove the dirt, but not too much to create scratches. A good amount of shampoo in a water bucket, and another bucket of clean water for rinsing. Use quality wash mitts and avoid using sponges. Do not spend your money on trivial things such as water and sponge, as scratches on your car would cost you much more to repair.

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