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6 Types of Car Parking That Will Make You Rage

Have you ever come across any kind of car parking that makes you question the existence of such people? Driving should be considered a high-risk activity since it increases the possibility of high blood pressure and heart attacks. What do I mean?  Just when you arrive at the car park, thinking that you are done with meeting those irritating road drivers, you meet one of those annoying drivers who park their cars in ridiculous ways.

car parking

Here are 6 different types of car parking that will definitely make you rage:

The Bold

car parking

This type of car parking is described as bold physically and mentally. Physically because they think that the size of their car is just like the BOLD writing, where their car is so big that they need two slots. Mentally because they are bold enough to not care about what other people will think and just take up two parking slots. Singapore has land scarcity issue already, please learn to leave some space for others also.

The Italics

car parking

These people need to straighten up their act and park properly. It probably only requires another try to straighten your car. This type of car parking does not affect other people but can be unsightly, or is it cause I’m OCD?

The Underline

car parking

These people are really as important as the underline. If they don’t drive away, you can seriously forget about getting out of the parking lot. Even if you are rushing, you should probably think about other people too. Don’t block other people’s car just for the sake of parking your own car.

The Undo/Redo

car parking

These guys are secretly perfectionists. They are the exact opposite of the Italics where they will not stop trying till their car is super straight. I am pretty sure they secretly have a ruler in their car to make sure they are never crooked.

The Typo

car parking

Somehow they just can’t see the handicapped image printed in font size 72 for them. In a hurry, they just park into any available slot they can find, even if it is not for them.  They think that it is fine until they really get a fine!

The Space                  Bar

car parking

They literally bar you from parking in the space. They just take up any available cone, dustbin, even their own children to chope the parking spot for them. Talk about being efficient and resourceful.

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