Common car modifications that will get you caught

Common car modifications that will get you caught

Do you know that you can be fined heavily or even imprisoned for having some illegal car modifications for your car? Singapore, known prominently as a fine city, and its laws should never be taken lightly. These fines are seriously hefty and is definitely not worth paying for such expensive car modifications, just to pay an extra sum for your fine.

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We can’t deny that most modifications done on headlights actually look pretty cool, but LTA doesn’t care whether your car look cool or not. Moreover, you wouldn’t be surprised if almost half of the fines they give out are actually due to car modifications done to headlights

Lights not approved by LTA:

  • Aftermarket Daytime Running Lamps (DRL)
  • Aftermarket Head Lamps especially High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps
  • Spot Lamps
  • Decorative Lamps
  • Tinting or Masking of Vehicle Lamps

The general reasons for banning these lamps are mainly because they are either too bright thus blinding or too dim such that it will compromise road safety.

Window tinting

The resultant light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front side windows must be at least 70%, while the resultant light transmittance for the rear windscreen and rear passenger windows is at least 25%. Tinted glass must comply with the standards for safety glasses while tinted films just must not be reflective. The front windscreen must not prevent, obstruct or interfere with the transmission of signals between the IU and ERP either.


Modifying exhaust is pretty tedious if you want to get it approved. Firstly, you will need to get a certification to show that the exhaust system fits your car model and make. Then you have to get approval from LTA or NEA to ensure that the exhaust does not exceed the carbon emission levels in Singapore.

So bear in mind all these regulations before thinking of modifying your car! Be sure not to incur significant costs in exchange for a look for your car that eventually won’t work!


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